Do you ever think reality shows are just scripted? It's nothing but grown men & women always playing each other in the relationship and/or marriage and always fighting over another person near the end of a episode.

Haha yep forsure but so damn intertaining lol

Sexual orientation is a spectrum. Straight, gay, bi, lesbian do not cover the bases. Sexuality is a scale that can change throughout life because of new discoveries about yourself and others or because of new experiences. Very few people fall strictly under one label. Most people have a sexuality that falls somewhere in the grey zone leaning stronger to either black or white but most people's sexuality is not strictly black or white.

I feel like you are born one way or the other. It is that black and white, though if you are bi you may be a little confused to what you really want so then it gets all colorful.

If a person is more attractive than you, do you find them intimidating?

I don't mostly it's not always about the looks. Sometimes someone can be so attractive, but so ugly as a person.

Being a 90's baby and being a 90's kid are two very different things, amirite?

I was born in the 1983 and i remember stuff from the 80s. Although i was mainly raised in the 1990s. In the early 90s there was still alot of trends, fashion, toys, music, and movies/shows still popular. So it is possible for a 90s baby from the mid 90s to remember some stuff from the 90s although i still would not consider them a 90s child. Also 90s being the last great generation things were significantly different in the 00s. Technology has grown and ruined society as wep know it today.