About me.

Been visiting this site every day for the last two years, & now I've finally made an account. Wahyeah.

My username is Daily Profit because I believe I have the potential to make such incredible posts, daily, that others will profit immensley from them.

Probably not but anyway.

My actual name is Sierra. I'm seventeen and I like chinese food, playing the guitar and surfing.

I also read. A lot. I've always had this great thirst for knowledge and shit (how articulate), so I decided to attempt achieving it through literature. I've read everything from Sherlock Holmes to Bridget Jones's Diary to Twilight (which was, in my opinion, a colossal waste of time).

My personal favorites are Harry Potter, Jane Eyre and Lord of the Rings.

I'm not opposed to going out and doing all that YOLO shit, but I am generally more inclined to stay at home. Crowds annoy me.

Unless it's at a concert, because then everyone's just enveloped in this state of crazy blissful ecstasy, which I am rather partial towards.

My favorite band is The Black Keys, though lately I've been listening to more folky music, like Mumford & Sons and The Civil Wars. Good stuff.

I don't have any particular talents other that musical ones. I can do an uncanny impression of Kristen Stewart (eugh right). And I can sit on my hair. Doesn't count? Ok.

Anyway, that's pretty much all you need to know about me.

Ermagherd ber.