Putting the cookie part of an Oreo on pizza is delicious, and I'm tired of pretending it's not, amirite?

I feel like you needs to be reported but the only appropriate authority I can think of is God

GILF is gender neutral. amirite?
@bibbitybobbitybacon I guess it could be 'man' too. Not that I've ever heard it used that way

It could also be a mango, but (at least for me) man doesn't fit the meaning of milf, it'd have to be a word like a dad/father but beginning with an m.

Sure it does work, but it doesn't fit in the spirit of the word milf

The cheese goes underneath the patty, amirite?

Been doing this since I was a kid, I agree.

People who play instruments deserve more hype, amirite?

More hype if the music is good and people like it, outside of friends and family it's often more about results than effort

plastic is not our enemy, lazy humans are, amirite?

Lying scamming cheating corporations are the problem. You blaming the consumer is the exact propaganda they've been selling us for years.

Paper is often better than the cloud. amirite?

Agree. Went to Voodoo brewing. I had to scan a qr code to view menu, then place order through phone and got text to pick up food at a counter myself. Then paid through phone. Said to bartender, I'm asked to give a tip and I did the work.
Dont like that
Won't be going back for a while

Maple syrup tastes horrible. amirite?

Too sweet, I agree

Earbuds of all kinds suck and over-ear headphones are 300 times better, amirite?

I have bluetooth buds that have a thing that goes over the back of the ear. They are also noise cancelling. So I don't have to worry about them falling off and I can't hear things other than what I want to listen to. They are great.

Saying "Thank you so much" is dumb, amirite?

"Thank you" or just "Thanks" with a smile, and kind eye contact.

"Kind eye contact" sounds like something a psychopath trying to emulate emotions would say lol. Not saying you are one, I just found this more uncomfortable than someone saying "thanks so much", which isn't a big deal at all.

Earbuds of all kinds suck and over-ear headphones are 300 times better, amirite?
You could remove majority of romantic relationships from non-romance movies, tv shows and books and it wouldn't change the plot and actually improve the movie, show or book. amirite?

"You can remove all murders from the non-murder genre movies, and it won't change a thing in the plot. Except for the murder happening of course, and the aftermath and all that."

Fans should be black, for safety reasons. White is a very dangerous colour for a fan. amirite?

Of all the things to expend one's mental energy on this seems the most boring of all options. Good luck in your war? I think? 😂

Bodybuilding is an art not a sport, amirite?

I don't know about art, maybe a beauty pageant would be more describing.

Bodybuilding is an art not a sport, amirite?
There is nothing wrong with having a roommate well into adulthood. amirite?

For my (sad to say literally but) falling apart house me and my buddy are renting in CA, with no internet besides satellite, we pay 1600. 2 beds, 1 bath, 1 car garage. The kitchen and living room are conjoined. The foundation doesn't extend to one of the bedrooms, lots of issues. It is cost-effective, safer (safety in numbers or whatever) and we enjoy each other's company. Sorry we want to be able to get piss drunk and then say gnight and not have to catch a cab or worse drunk drive home. F them all and I'm happy to live with my best friend