The ability Thick Fat totally comes from Santa, amirite?

Santa claws in chimneys

If dogs had lifespans closer to those of a human (60+ years), then chances are, not many people would keep them as pets. amirite?
Villains asking for loads of money shows they still want to contribute to the economy, amirite?

Being a villain is hard work. Takes a lot of capital to buy henchmen, technology, weapons lol

Some future archaeologist is going to dig up a hard drive, plug it in, and get Rick rolled. amirite?

someone needs to bury a time capsule with a rickroll drive just for this purpose

The line "I'd catch a grenade for ya" by Bruno Mars may soon become an actual relationships requirement with the way the world is headed at the moment, amirite?

Well, I hope you keep your riots and fights inside the country, but otherwise yes. (Not against the movement, but I wouldn't like it if the whole thing escalated even further in terms of violence.)

Snow is really cocaine for kids, amirite?

Nah it's pixie Stix

Pain is a reminder we are still alive. amirite?

The world shall know pain.


We all think of exhaling and inhaling important for moving air in and out of the lungs, but these movements are equally important for transporting the blood into the lungs for gas exchange, amirite?

I'm trying okay? 😂

Maybe cops started the whole pants down thing to make criminals easier to catch. amirite?
You have a 100% chance of dying within a 6 month time period before or after one of your birthdays. amirite?

That's it. I'm cancelling all my birthdays.

Deaf people must've been super happy when texting became a thing and even more happy when FaceTime became a thing, amirite?

Let me ask my token deaf friend.

Naming your business "A-1" was the pre-internet version of Search Engine Optimization. amirite?

Lol, name of my dads company.

Food networks are advertisements for supermarkets. amirite?
You can't put your bodily fluids into someone's food without their consent, amirite?

Fluids.... probably not. How about solids?

T-Rex had such short forearms. amirite?

Funny. I always get stuck with that asshole with T-Rex arms when it comes time to pay for dinner.