Smoking cigarettes in a group setting without the ok from everyone should be stigmatised. amirite?

Lighten up Francis. People smoking outside is such a non issue unless you are truly insufferable to be around. Smoking inside is already pretty much forbidden everywhere.

High school mathematics is actually very interesting. It's only that you didn't pay attention. amirite?
@OffhandBromate I disagree maybe you didnt dive into the depths of high school math, it is very interesting definitely and I am yet...

Diving into the depths of high school math isn't something that's often done in class, so I wouldn't count it as high school maths specifically. Everything you do in high school has whole fields of study attached to it that are a lot more in-depth and definitely not high school maths anymore - often not even college student maths, but "I studied this field for decades" maths.

I'm glad you enjoy maths, I'm studying to be a maths teacher and there's definitely issues past interest that lead to students not liking maths - like bad instruction, lacking previous knowledge, boring teaching styles (doing the same problem 50 times in a row works, but everyone falls asleep).

Losing friends as an adult hits harder, amirite?
@Larny2019 Unfortunately, the saying isn't accurate. I gave up a friend of 20 years after I learned from my therapist about...

Ah, sorry you had to go through that but yes, if that person behaves like that and only has you, then you did the right thing.

Like all rules of thumb they're not an exact science and you do need to look after yourself.

I hope all is going well.

Nothing ever happenes in Ted Lasso. Ever, amirite?

wholesome moustache guy make people happy

Being on vacation sucks when you're broke as a joke. amirite?

Unless it's a vacation someone else is paying for. This summer I've been invited to the lake 4 times with friends and their family and all I paid for was gas to drive there. Drank their beer, ate their food, and rode on their boats.

a lot of women's whole identity is the relationship their in and it's sorta pathetic, amirite?

There's nothing wrong with finding happiness in your partner but also your happiness shouldn't depend on a person

a lot of women's whole identity is the relationship their in and it's sorta pathetic, amirite?
@jokesonyouiwannadie Men have gone on deadly rampages because they couldn't have a relationship with a woman.

Humans are social creature that long for intimacy and connections. It's sad to see what can happen when those needs aren't meet.

a lot of women's whole identity is the relationship their in and it's sorta pathetic, amirite?
It's crazy how fast we humans learned to recognize AI generated text, amirite?

I like the idea that eventually schools will be teaching kids how not to write like an AI so they can always tell if homework is real.

But then of course eventually AI will catch up to that and the cycle will start all over again.

more holes in womens underwear is more sexy more holes in mens underwear is less sexy. amirite?

I disagree with the first part

You're more respected if you don't have Instagram, than if you have 20 followers, amirite?
Banging your therapist is no different from paying for sex, amirite?
@Mcgee0 Though paying for sex is cheaper

My insurance doesn't have a policy for hookers but it does for therapists.

People here grossly overestimate their expertise in areas they've never studied, amirite?

I'm a nurse and I never even give out nursing/medical advice

There comes a point in many people's lives that their significant other has seen them naked more frequently than their parents, amirite?

There are people who have seen only fans creators naked more than their parents

It's okay to talk on the phone while pooping, amirite?

outside of it being gross for obvious reasons, sure.