Whoever invented the "birthday celebration" was either a narcissist or the exact opposite. amirite?

In other cultures, the birthday person gives presents to the important people in their life. Fun fact

Attractive people telling unattractive people that looks don't matter is the same as rich people telling poor people that money doesn't matter, amirite?

All you have to do is walk through a mall and look at all the ugly-ass guys with hot girlfriends. Confidence is king.

You've never heard a woman farting, and you never will. amirite?

Im sorry, but i have multiple times lol XD

Baby Shark has more views than there are people on Earth, and it targets a demographic that can't chose what it watches. amirite?

I didn't know there were any videos with even a quarter of those views. 10 BILLION. Just... Wow

Morticians have seen more naked people than a normal person, amirite?
The average human has 5 holes in their head. amirite?
@Apartlavishness Almost all the female population world wide has at least a pair of ear ring holes. Out of men, even if you said...

\> only 10% of men had at least one eating hole

this doesn't sound right to me but i don't know enough about male anatomy to prove it

Everyone on Earth is possibly immortal until proven otherwise by an outside source, amirite?

Ummm. Internal sources kill us...aging...heart attacks, neuro disorders...

Humans are the only dominant species that bitch about their existence. They're also the first dominant species capable of bitching about their existence. amirite?

How do you know?

It would actually be good for the world if a lot of humanity were to die off. amirite?
@Sewcrazy4cats How is it not? And livable space is only shrinking with global warming raising sea levels and expanding deserts.

There's plenty of livable space. Where you're going to get all the food and clean water from is another issue.

Monsters Inc. Monsters only target kids rich enough to have their own room and closets, amirite?

Yeah, but those kids without their own rooms and closets have seen far worse monsters in real life. They're not scared.

Touch is the only sense that isn't only on your face, amirite?
@Not true. My feet smell.

I bet they taste, too. Lemme check.

The biggest trick The Capitalist pulled was to convince people that their life revolves around their job. amirite?

We talk about concepts like money and salary, but in fact, those are the things that allow us to tap into basic survival needs like food, clothing, and shelter.

Depending on where you live, your job is tied directly into your ability to survive.

When you turn the lights off, you start living in black and white. amirite?
It's a good time to be an astronaut on the International Space Station, amirite?

Unless someone coughs in the care package

A funnel is not very fun, amirite?

That one at the grocery store that takes your coins is kinda fun.