One day humans might want to change the name of planet Earth...what might be a good name?

I've made this mistake way too many times...It's time I've found my own path in life.

Small talk is super annoying and pointless.

It's great if you're checking in on someone but talking about the weather or current events is meaningless IMHO.

How do you decide who to be partners with?

I don't really decide. It just happens in the most awkward and amusing way. smile smilie

Pfff I want more friends IRL but I'm too shy. I have the same 4 friends since kindergarten and never made new ones. Now that those 4 friends and I slowly go our own paths I feel so stupid for never having made new friends. In September I'm starting a new study at university which I hope will help to make a few new friends. I have an outgoing personality once you get to know me. It's just that I'm shy as long as I don't know anyone well and I'm too shy to make the first " move " in a friendship. I am also a nerdy type in my thinking. I always end up talking about way too intelligent, boring stuff and people don't like that. People want a relaxed talk, not some talk on a deep level at my age. That's why I always end up forming connections with people much older than me. Because they understand me better. I'm also highly sensitive which is another curse. I hate it that I'm consistently worrying about world problems while other people my age don't. Wish I had more friends :-( But I'm not social enough to make them. Hoping that I meet other people with mutual interests at university. I hate loud parties and pubs. I'm more for quiet evenings in a relaxed atsmosphere. Making new friends is an art it seams. Some people make 10 new friends in no time, others have difficulties making one new friend.

Are you going to be living on campus? If so, try getting to know your roommate and you already have yourself a friend if all goes well! smile smilie Check out the campus and find areas of interest where people with your interests may hang out at. Once you're comfortable maybe try a few clubs or extracurricular activities. You'll be fine. _ If it makes you feel any better, I'm starting college soon too. We can help each other out! nme smilie

It is wrong for parents to force a religion on their children before they are at the age where they can choose their own beliefs.

Well what do you mean by 'force'? I think it's great to start teaching children at a young age about the importance of faith. Whatever they decide later in life is on them.

Do you check your horoscope?
@ZonkeyBalls Not in that particular use of the term, no. It's more like a force that drives you, but the effect as such is...

I've noticed that what they said about full moons are true. It makes us more emotional...I read to never make decisions on a full moon. I wish I had known before. sad smilie

How do you handle a setback in life?
@JanHaskell I've lived through many.

Such a cheery song. Thanks for sharing Jan! smile smilie

Do you check your horoscope?
@Lil_Princess Yes I do & I don't just do it for fun either. Many years ago, I read mine and it gave me a warning...of course I...

Oh my! o_o smilie I'm sorry to hear that. My monthly for June turned out to be scary accurate. Makes me wish I would have read it sooner to prevent the mess that happened...cry smilie

Do you check your horoscope?
What was your last dream about?

It's very vague..I remember a little girl telling me that another little girl once got left behind by her class. She starved to death in some sort of cellar or something..They never came back for her. Pretty creepy.

Not wanting to see any of their content or not wanting them to see yours. Needing space could be an option or maybe if you think that person poses a threat to you in any way.

What would you do without music in your life?

Feel alone :( because music gets me when most people don't.

What's one thing you've learned to take as a warning sign in any type of relationship?

Silence. It's deadly.

Something you always think “what if…” about:

What if I wouldn't have screwed up summer for me and my bf... :,(