What is something in this world you want to see go away, but doubt it will any time soon?
What's something that's always seemed impossible to you?

Long distance love...but I'm giving it a shot. ❤️

It is wrong for parents to force a religion on their children before they are at the age where they can choose their own beliefs.

Well what do you mean by 'force'? I think it's great to start teaching children at a young age about the importance of faith. Whatever they decide later in life is on them.

I've made this mistake way too many times...It's time I've found my own path in life.

What would you do without music in your life?

Feel alone :( because music gets me when most people don't.

Not wanting to see any of their content or not wanting them to see yours. Needing space could be an option or maybe if you think that person poses a threat to you in any way.

Do you check your horoscope?

Usually too easily.:( But I'm making a change. It's good to be open-mind and accepting but not good to let people influence your own beliefs.

What makes you nervous?

Not knowing the outcome of a particular decision until after it has been made...

What is the most profound book you've ever read?

Redeeming Love ❤️

Spanking is not the worst punishment to give a child.

Not giving them love is the worst punishment of all.

Something you always think “what if…” about:

What if I wouldn't have screwed up summer for me and my bf... :,(

What's one thing you've learned to take as a warning sign in any type of relationship?

Silence. It's deadly.

How do you handle a setback in life?
@JanHaskell I've lived through many.

Such a cheery song. Thanks for sharing Jan! smile smilie

Do you check your horoscope?
@ZonkeyBalls Not in that particular use of the term, no. It's more like a force that drives you, but the effect as such is...

I've noticed that what they said about full moons are true. It makes us more emotional...I read to never make decisions on a full moon. I wish I had known before. sad smilie