About me.

I am loud, crazy, energetic, quiet, shy, stubborn, outgoing, weird, nice, caring, trustworthy, sarcastic, hopeful, kind. I am me. :D
I love the night sky, especially when it's a full moon!!! ^-^
I LOVE music!
I chew gum a lot, but I don't chew like a retarded cow.
I love action and comedy movies.
I don't like horror movies but I do like suspenseful movies.
I love Pon and Zi (hints my profile picture).
I love Harry Potter and A Very Potter Musical!!!
My friends are AMAZING and I love them dearly.
I have an odd obsession with Pop-tarts. :3
I grew up quickly without a choice.
I love fruit!
Burts Bee's chapstick is the greatest!
That 70's show, Psych, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Kyle XY, Law and Order: SVU are my favorite T.V shows.
Cherry Pepsi and Coke are my favorite drinks.
I support gay rights. If you have a problem with that you can just leave my page. ^-^
Lime green is my favorite color.
I love swimming.
Music is a big part of my life.
I'm the kind of girl that laughs in dead silence about something that happened yesterday.
I'm the kind of girl that turns up her music to tune out reality.
A day is wasted when there is no laughter.
~That is just some random little facts~