The first time you said a swear was super intense, and kind of awkward because it felt so strange to say it, amirite?

Same with the middle finger

Ke$ha is kind of what female rappers would sound like, amirite?

Kesha's voice is just auto tuned

Sometimes, when life gets hard, you wish you were Michael Jackson....because he's dead, amirite?

I don't wanna die

Its rude/annoying when someone sleeps over and all they wanna do is use the computer, amirite?

Or when you sleep over and all your host wants to do is hog the computer

if you're born on february 29, atleast you can have your sixteenth birthday on your real birthday. amirite?

But not on your 18th, =(

It makes no sense that traveling makes you tired, all you do is sit in the car/airplane/train/whatever and wait, amirite?
You would rather to have a small corner store at walking distance than a supermarket every few miles. amirite?

Put a piece of paper beneath your hand

There's not enough snow falling in amirite?
There's not enough snow falling in amirite?
There's not enough snow falling in amirite?

No, your wrong, us gangsters compare who's got the biggest guns

When you're in a hospital and see blood on the elevator wall, it's really freaky, amirite?

Whoa, that's happened to you?!?!

The leftover milk from cereal is delicious amirite?

Only if the cereal was sweet

It would suck if one day you actually did win some contest or cash prize or something, but you ignored it because you thought that it was a scam, amirite?

Luckily, if you did ignore it, then you would never know that you actually won something

The book is ALWAYS better than the movie, amirite?

Me too, I agree whichever came first is the best: