Sometimes we forgot that it is all grey

Well, color tv has been out for a while now.

Life without hurts, habits, and hang-ups would be ____, amirite?

A, 2-A.M. dream..

Would you rather be average on a great team, or the best player on a mediocre team?
@Sukiesnow Dand? See my response to Sofia...accidental...

Yea i just did..

Okay...i'll let you know when you goof up

The picture is okay..i never noticed it was any specific hand..

Confirmed by WH spokesperson. She did wear this jacket to see the kids. I'll just leave this here and see who wants to defend her wardrobe choice.

Duhhhhn duhnnnnnn. duhhhhhhnnnnnnn!!! Drama.. served fresh and hot.

Please list the 1 reason you're not a Vegetarian.
When caught in a sticky situation, how do you know what to do? Accident. Police Questioning. Shoplifting. Arrest. ETC.
When was the last time you asked for a raise in pay? How'd that go?

It's been so long ago, I don't even remember.

If I didn't get one when I felt like I should...I would be asking.

Did the left-wing hysterics over Trump's Supreme Court Nominee start before (s)he was even named?
Elton John wants you to use noise cancelling headphones at his concert. But the point of a concert is to be a social event, amirite?

I wont be worries.

Could you leave your country never to come back?
@StarzAbove Same with me. We live in the greatest country on earth. And people are dying to get in here....

It just doesn't interest me,there's plenty of places i haven't been in the U.S.

I'd rather go somewhere i haven't been here,then outside the country..
You're right,if we weren't the greatest country(my opinion,like it or not) We wouldn't have an illegal alien problem.

People would stay where they are,or go to wherever they think the greatest country is.

Post a tune that references a body of water.
Here's a REAL challenge: Name something more nauseating and disgusting than a Trump hater in a bikini.
@Sunny_the_skeptic People bitching over elections like its the end of the world

All the bitching in the world, isn't going to reward them with any more votes and voting is the only thing that matters...In the end.

I wouldn't waste my time trying to convince someone they're wrong about what they think in politics, anymore than I would go diving to floss a sharks teeth..

They can keep bitching.
I'll just vote, when that time comes.

What's something that you could eat every day without getting tired of it?

Grilled chicken salad, I never get tired of eating it.

It is true things are not as good as the old days...took Harry Potter 9 books to catch a bad guy and only 30 minutes for Scooby to do it🙄
you can save yourself 120,000 dollars in college debt if you spend age 18-22 in jail, amirite?