About me.

ahh the 'About Me'

finally get to write one of my own, i've been going on this site forever but finally got to making an account today

sooo, how can i describe myself in this little box of words...... it seems somewhat impossible to know anyone without acctully talking to them, but i'll try

here goes:

I love music and i play clarinet, guitar, piano, mandalin, and do marching band
I like most types of music except most pop, and rap, also screamo scares me a bit, some of my favorite bands are: all time low, nevershoutnever, iron and wine, bowling for soup, panic! at the disco, the beatles,etc, etc, etc... I'll probably like anything recomended to me
mooving on,

i'm a creative person who would rather make something than buy it at a store, (like my dinosaur jacket, i love that thing), cause making stuff is fun and shopping, well shoppings fun at first but I loose my patience with it

I did drama club set crew this past year, i love being around theater geeks, unfortunately, along with theater geeks come obnoxious theater snobs, I use the word obnoxious too much, according to my sister, its quite obnoxious of me, my apologies.

I have a pet turtle, turtles are my favorite animals. I named my turtle Harry, after Harry Potter. His middle name is Fred. Harry Potter is my favorite book series, its amazing! Speaking of books, I love reading, but I usually don't have time for it or don't have a good book with me at the moment. And when I say I love reading, that only applies to books I think are really good, I hate being forced to read certain books in school (although I'm usually happy I read them in the end)

Speaking of school, ew nvm, i don't wanna talk about school considering its the middle of August.

Moving on, I'm really confident about doing my own thing and not caring about what other people think, cause I have a group of friends who would never leave/hate/ditch/watevr me for doing something weird, and as for the rest of em, who cares, so if I wanna wear a crazy outfit to school one day just cause I feel like it, I won't feel the least bit self consious, but that's just an example, I do a lot of quote "weird" things that don't have to do with clothes.

I'm consider myself a hippy, I care a lot about the environment. I enjoy hugging trees, like actually going up to a tree and huggin it. It really bothers me when people I know refuse to walk or ride their bike a short distance because they're lazy. I hate drama. When my friends are in a fight, I avoid it, and go to other people, then come back when the fight's over. I also hate when my parents fight, and when my sister fights with them. I wish my house was more peaceful. I have this peace sign necklace that I always wear. I love it, even though it's a peice of plastic that the colors faded from, was made in china, and is worth about 3 cents. Some people call me a hipster, i'm honestly not sure what a hipster is exactly, is it the same as a hippy? all I know is that the word hipster was invented in like the twenties, and then brought back in the eighties.

I'm kind of ditzy. Okay really ditzy. That's one of the things i don't like about myself. but i'd rather laugh about the stupid things I do than be embarassed of them. I'm trying to be more mature, cause I am almost 16. A lot of the time, I feel like I'm not old enough for my age and I feel guilty about that.
I also feel guilty when I get stuff, I feel guilty that I have a house, and food, and clothes and my own room, when a lot of people in the world don't. But i guess it's a bad thing to feel, and i souldn't worry cause it's not like I'm taking it from anyone else.

At the moment, my room is a mess, I haven't gotten around to cleaning it. I'm always either extremely modivated to do something or not modivated at all. I'm usually not modivated to do things when someone else tells me to do them. I like doing my own thing.

I like in New Jersey. When you read that, please do not automatically think something like Jersey Shore, we're not all like that. It makes NJ look bad. But I wish I lived somewhere more chill, like Minesota, or California. The west coast seems like a Chill place, but what do I know I've never been there. I want to go on vacation to Arizona. We might go there on winter break, unless I'm forced to go on a cruise (which who knows, might not be that bad).

My favorite place in the world is my cousin's lake house on lake keuka, its this little old cottage and I just love it there.

I have big poofy brownish, died redish, turned to blondish, hair, and I love it's uniqueness.

I'm artistic.

I have a sock monkey that I made.

feel free to comment, I like people

The End