If they wanted, billionaires could easily buy all the gun shops in the U.S. and then close them down. amirite?
@freq432 Or the federal government could just regulate the sale of guns with pen stroke and no cost to anyone who isn't in...

FYI thry already have. Or are you under the misguided assumption that buying a gun is like buying a gallon of milk?

We're really lucky humans usually can't taste their own saliva, amirite?

I can nearly constant and it tastes horrible

I'm waiting for the day when drones rob a bank. amirite?
@Mostly-chill Youtube Drone Shield or drone gun

A gun would be too complicated. Just a stick of dynamite and a note attached to the drone should do the trick.

Straight women can have girlfriends, but straight men can't have boyfriends, amirite?
Our tongues only move vertically when we talk. amirite?
Our tongues only move vertically when we talk. amirite?

What? Absolutely not.

You've never sneezed more than 3 times in a row, amirite?

you either don't know me or you're a god damn liar.

The stuff that you do see every day isn't interesting at all. amirite?
@contextrip sometimes walking too. that way you go slower and really take in the things around you and you might notice...

Yeah I mean literally everything has infinite complexity to it. It just depends how hard you wanna look.

as easy as it is to not murder someone in life, there are quite a bit of murders. amirite?

The people who decide that murder is a reasonable option are probably not predisposed to taking it easy.

It's completely acceptable to hope a person has a heart attack or gets hit by a garbage truck in a movie or a TV show, but only in a movie or a TV show. amirite?

You haven't met my mother.

Everybody critizes celebrities for talking about stuff they don't know anything about but turn to billionaires for life lessons. amirite?

Everybody? I don't believe I've gotten any life lessons from any billionaires. Unless it was like…"wash your ass" or something

We use computers to produce more computers, but we don't use chainsaws to make more chainsaws. amirite?
@404ChompyNotFound So how many dumbass's does it take to make a dumbass?? One dumbass & 1 chainsaw!

If you're creative you could end up with two dumbasses - at least for a little while.

An only child has the power to end their entire lineage spanning hundreds, if not thousands, of years by doing nothing, amirite?

Mwahahahaa!!! Fear my absolute POWER!

We find it adorable when animals behave like humans but not the other way around, amirite?

Furry's disagree

If you are what you eat, then all cannibals are innocent, amirite?

Depends what person they eat