We tell kids to not take candy from strangers and to avoid them but then we encourage them to get ice cream from a dude in a white van. amirite?

The difference is that an ice cream truck is official. The city/county has allowed it to sell edible items.

No matter how many cities and buildings are constructed, the Earth does not get any lighter. amirite?

It's a lot lighter in the day.

Eventually, pi repeats itself. amirite?
@iTz_MrsPoPo That really cannot be said with absolute certainty

Pi is infinite, goes on forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever. In comprehensive amount of digits.

Men and Women are the same essences on different physical-chemical octaves, amirite?

Jesus. Just delete this garbage.

When the guys get together, they insult each other without really meaning it. When the girls get together, they compliment each other without really meaning it. amirite?

And when guys and girls get together nothing makes sense...

The most disturbing thing about waking up at 4 in the morning is realising that some people do it on purpose so they can exercise. amirite?

I think "they" are other people in general that get up voluntary at 4 and exercise.

Humans are all the same, genetically infantile, v1olent and h0ly. amirite?

I'm not violent or holy.

If life gets found on another planet that is near to us, it will probably just be a bunch of cells and take billions of years to evolve into something more complex than humans. amirite?

We're just a bunch of cells

"Words with the same suffix pluralize to the same suffix"

If you wear two socks on one foot and none on the other, you would technically be wearing a pair of socks, amirite?

Wearing two socks on one foot and none on the other seems like one of the most psychopath things I can imagine.

If you can take someone's virginity, then there's someone in the world who unknowingly has the biggest collection of virginities, amirite?
Humanity has advanced socially, culturally and technologically, but we are still running on 200,000 year old brain meats our caveman ancestors had. amirite?

I mean, the brain gets updated every generation

There aren't going to be any humans around to observe Andromeda emerging with the Milky Way. amirite?

What makes you so certain?

If you sleep with a Minotaur you've saved a horse by riding a cow boy. amirite?

Was the minotaur keeping a horse hostage? With sex being the ransom.

This reads like a bad translation of an old macedonion phrase...

"Did you hear Bob got sacked, but was offered a better job straight away with the competitors?"
"Well... if you sleep with a Minotaur, you've saved a horse by riding a cow boy."

Buttholes pucker, but don't kiss. amirite?

This would be a great riddle.