I want to open a restaurant that will be twice as big as IHop. I should call it IJump, amirite?

Leave it to someone else like myself and 1+ you and establish an "iFly"

The 160 character limit on text messages is annoying, amirite?

Try the 140 character limit on Twitter

When you think about it, naming one guy in every generation of your family "Peter" isn't a good idea. Family Reunions can become very confusing... Amirite?
You hate those people in your class who say 'thank you' to the teacher as she hands you your test. I mean really, why are you thanking her for giving you a test. Stop being such a suckup and stop making the rest of us look bad. amirite?

Are you also one of those people who doesn't thank the bus driver when you get off at your stop?

It would be pretty awesome if someone Rick Roll'd Rick Astley amirite?

Only in Soviet Russia.

Its rather frightening to think that there are more dead bodies on the planet than live ones, amirite?

What's more disturbing is knowing we're breathing in their dust particle remains as we speak.

It's awkward when you find your parents "special drawer", amirite?

It'd be worse if they found YOUR secret drawer..

It really needs to snow soon, amirite?

Next, it's going to rain $100 dollar bills on my house.



It really needs to snow soon, amirite?

I don't know where you're living, but in Canada, it's been snowing non-stop!


The My Chemical Romance song is pronounced hell-a-na. Not "Hell-AY-na", amirite?

It's Wingardium Leviosa, not Wigardium LevioSA

Love is amazing, when it's on your side. amirite?

This applies to time also.

touching your toes really hurts, amirite?

Only if I try with my knee caps

After eating ice-cream, you always want to drink water, amirite?

Why would anyone want to water down their ice cream?

Its really pointless and dumb when people change their facebook names to something like "LunaMoona Angel Starbaby", or something like that, amirite?

Actually, from attending an amateur Facebook seminar, I learn it helps to deter potential stalkers from finding your profile page.

The word "perhaps" is the formal, snobbish version of "maybe". amirite?