it was the egg that came first, not the chicken, amirite?

The cock came first...if you know what I mean ;)

After eating ice-cream, you always want to drink water, amirite?

Why would anyone want to water down their ice cream?

underwear goes in the top drawer, amirite?

More like the bottom. I like to put my tops on top, and my bottoms at the bottom.

What did Pikachu say when Ash fell off a cliff? PIKACHU! Because that's all he says. amirite?

Isn't Pikachu a she?

I really enjoy the show Glee, but it should be about elementary school kids singing, not high school kids singing. Amirite?


sorry angered bad guy in the movie i'm watching, but if you didn't spend so much time in the dramatic entrance that shows you walking extremely slowly, maybe you would have gotten to the big metal door before it sealed shut & the good guys got away. amirite?

What movie are you watching missus?

Okay, you're a vegetarian - cool. But the animal is already dead. Not eating it isn't going to help any, amirite?
Facebook needs a "Stop Getting Notifications For Comments On This Post" button like amirite does, amirite?

You should have thought this post through...

Canada is like the quiet kid in class. No one really hates him and he doesn't get into conflicts with other students, amirite?

And China is the rest of the class.

Everyone is a little wierd. And life's a little weird. So when we find someone who's wierdness is compatable with ours we join up in a mutaul weirdness and call it love, amirite?

This post seems A LOT like from someone else. (who is also dashingly handsome might I add):

you are not able to type a perfect sentence without useing the backspeace button, amirite?

You'd love to meet a vegetarian thats allergic to lettuce, if you havent already, amirite?

Better yet, soy and tofu.

Your hate Santa Klaus. amirite?
@You're weird..

Well this is a guy who uses Edward Cullen as his profile pciture and uses a name like "fuckmynipple" :/

It's really annoying when somebody looks for a deeper meaning in absolutely EVERYTHING, amirite?

Why DID the chicken cross the road?

What will Nintendo name their future Pokemon generations? amirite?

They've already started bringing in metals: Platinum, Gold, Silver...