If homosexuality is a disease, then we should all call in gay to work. "Nope, sorry, can't come in today- still queer", amirite?
@Ummm ... this amirite is stupid. Reasons: 1. There's a difference between disease and mental disorder/spiritual...

(Extremely Anonymous): no one likes people like you, you just take the fun out of everything, you damn fun sucker.

Thank god Facebook is back up. I've had to phone 247 of my friends to tell them 'I hate work, I'm having a glass of water and going to bed, lol'. It's taken me all night! amirite?

stolen from sickipediaaa !

why dont they just use lie detectors to tell if people committed a crime or not instead of going through all those trials and stuff? amirite?

exactly the same reason we dont get them to pinky promise that they didnt do it

I have decided to produce and sell a strong alcoholic drink called "Responsibly" That way everyone in the country can get shit faced drinking responsibly. And all the other drinks makers will be advertising for me on their cans with the slogan "please drink responsibly" Probably will piss off the government as well. amirite?
I'm downloading the Qu'ran from an ebook site. I've got a slow connection but it should be done by Saturday the 11th. I'm putting it on disk, if anyone wants one I can burn a few copies, amirite?
@He got the idea from cyanide and happiness

that comic came out a day after my post was made .. :)

If rap were a religion, either 2pac or Eminem would be God, amirite?
You're really jealous because I figured out how to make words in my posts <i>in italics</i> , amirite?

atta boy, slowly making it up to lowest rated post of all time, hope you wanted to get known as the person who failed the hardest on this site.

Ignorance is not, nor will it ever be, bliss, amirite?

kid cudi says ignorance is bliss, and since kid cudi is the black jesus, he is right , end of discussion

"1 out of every 3 smokers die." Apparently the other 2 become immortal, amirite?
If you're wearing a Free Weezy t shirt, you should not be allowed into Warped Tour, amirite?

if they are wearing that shirt, they shouldnt be outside at all. ZING

There's an "a" word, a "b" word, a "c" word, a "d" word, an "f" word. Not only that, but you can get an A, B, C, D, or F as a grade. "E" never gets any respect, amirite?
@Previously_Sane If one generally feels uncomfortable saying certain words in front of their grandmother, it's a swear. A minor one...

if that is true, then there is an "e" word, go up to your grandmother and say erection, and see if you feel comfortable

If homosexuality is a disease, then we should all call in gay to work. "Nope, sorry, can't come in today- still queer", amirite?
The sugar at the bottom of the sour patch kid packets is what gods dandruff would taste like,amirite?
@Machiavelli bro honestly, ill fuckin dummy you, come at me, i got ma boys, fuckin knockin you would be so jokes, when i killed...

bro youre so fucking gay yo, ill snuff you out and the whole crowd'll be like "WIN" so yo bro, just fuck off, aight,

If you can't beat them, join them. And if you can't join them, it's probably because you just tried to beat them. Amirite?

im glad no asshole has no wayed this post just to have one no way. but other than that, good post

It's not really right to kill bugs just because they are there, I mean it's not like we go around killing other people just because they might come in contact with us, amirite?

what do you think usa is doing to the people iraq ? killing people because of the fear of them comming in contact with us. thats right