No, it isn't funny.

Apparently now just being asked out on a date can be considered sexual harassment. There goes procreation.

Not surprisingly, President Chump gives himself a perfect 10/10 on Puerto Rico aide efforts as doctors over there are literally operating by cellphone light.

Puerto Rico doesn't have the infrastructure of Texas or Florida. That problem existed long before Trump.

Remember when it was polite to address a crowd as “ladies and gentlemen?” Now it is considered a "non-inclusive" phrase. I'm getting a little tired of this ridiculousness.

I am a woman. I respond to the following: girl, woman, lady, ma'am, mama, nanna and occasionally..wench get me a beer.

What three Amirite users would you take on a a road trip?

I haven't been here long enough to make that call. There are a lot of great people on Amirite.

Fun food question.You can only eat food that begins with the first letter of your user name.Whats your diet consist of?


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It's an antiquated notion I could do without.

But it has its finer points for some.
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If the "bomber" is a Republican, will that make you vote Democrat? If they're a Democrat, will that make you vote Republican? I hope not. A terrorist doesn't deserve that kind of power.

Whoever did this is mentally deranged. But whatever the "party affiliation" of the individual responsible I am doubtful it would change a persons vote.

Charlie Brown and his Great Pumpkin
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If you are an attractive woman, and you and your family were about to become back alley homeless and you needed big money fast to keep a roof over your heads would you consider prostitution to save your family?( No judgement here- just curious if you would do anything for your family hypothetically)

I left an abusive relationship with 3 young daughters in tow. Between community services, my family and friends we made it through 3 months until I landed a good job. There are always alternatives. Dignity is not something I'm willing to sacrifice.

Post a song with 'no' in the title
What can you do in 2 minutes?

Answer a question on Amirite. biggrin smilie

I used to think_____?

Life was fair. Age dispels that notion pretty quick.

RIP an Awesome Talent

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Depends on your mindset.

Feminism is a negative word....amirite?

The connotation of the word feminist has changed.

Today's Liberal feminism...not my cup of tea.
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