Most kids believe the Black Market is physically located somewhere, amirite?

No, only you're that stupid

Roses are red , roses are blue , depending on their velocity relative to you. amirite?
Deaf people must've been super happy when texting became a thing and even more happy when FaceTime became a thing, amirite?
@Hofito Video chatting and services similar for deaf people have definitely been around longer than FaceTime.

I remember there used to be a service where deaf people could dial a number and type what they wanted to say and a person would read it to whoever they were calling and type the responses back to the deaf person.

When going on a date, most people wear nice clothes to end up meeting in no clothes, amirite?

When eating on a plate, most people put food on nice plates to end up having no food.

After working for a "charity", the world seems a much more horrible place. After seeing people with their own offices take the majority of revenue. amirite?
@Radiwve "I deserve this. I work hard."

Was told the office owner had his Aston Martin because he just wanted one and "went to get one like it was a 10p Freddo"

Saitama from One Punch Man doesn't climb ranks fast because he doesn't put a show in his fights. He always ends it with one punch. amirite?

In one piece they have to find the one piece.

The most disturbing thing about waking up at 4 in the morning is realising that some people do it on purpose so they can exercise. amirite?

who is they?

Somewhere in time, people trying to fully understand artificial intelligence will outnumber massively those trying to fully comprehend natural/human intelligence. amirite?

Highly unlikely

Millennials may end up being the first generation in over a century to have suffered a recession when entering the job market and then suffer a recession when starting a family. amirite?
@It's not a legit dump, just an abandoned lot where everyone throws their old appliances and doll eyes.

Well look at you all bougie, living in a neighborhood that has abandoned lots with doll eyes

Not really. We see the sun from the earth. So if you're in space; you're still going to see the sun as you travel to it.

Girls with fake nails must really struggle wiping their ass, amirite?

Scratching her ass

You may have JUST been created, all the memories and experiences JUST placed into your mind. Welcome, amirite?

These memories suck, can we try again?

In an entirely gay world, gay people don't actually need to rely on straight people to reproduce. Lesbians can just surrogate for them. amirite?
@Your forgetting about the part where we didn't have the technology to do this...


Being a surrogate doesn't take any technology. I'm a lesbian with two kids. It honestly didn't require any technology at all.

It's accepted as normal if you cough or sneeze in public, but not if you fart. Despite the fact that coughing and sneezing can spread infections, while farts can't. amirite?
If a salad is smaller portions of food to make up one dish, ketchup is technically a salad dressing when applied to a plate of nuggets. amirite?

That's not what a salad is.