Atheists are very selfish people; I do not care much for those who reject Christianity.

Atheism has nothing to do with selfishness and everything to to with an opinion of reality. You have claimed a connection which you cannot prove.

Well if you had the good stuff all the time, wouldn't it make it less special.

Anyone who wouldn't give their life for others is selfish.

Giving your life for another is commonly considered to be heroic. Not being heroic isn't the same thing as selfishness.

Utah's reinstatement of death penalty by "firing squad" is beyond the pale. As the US continues to move toward far right fundamentalism, it becomes harder to distinguish us from the likes of ISIS and Boko Haram. What's next? Beheading?

Utah has reacted to the PC police with a completely reasonable action. As the result of a trial, certain individuals are receiving their sentance. Comparing our legal process to the murders committed by Islamic terrorists is complete nonsence.

If a religion's foundation is the sacrifice of a person to appease a god then, that religion is founded upon human sacrifice?

From a christian perspective your assertion seems to rest on the opinion that Jesus was a man, while in christian doctrine Jesus was regarded as MUCH more than simply a man. If Jesus is the subject of your assertion, it would not follow that Christianity is based on human sacrifice, but more accurately on god sacrifice😉

Professors who have spent too much time in their ivory towers, suffer the ill effects of long term oxygen deprivation. The solution to this problem is for Donald Trump to buy all these liberal universities and FIRE anyone who is so afflicted.

Do you fear Isis in the United States?

Their appearance as an armed group, taking cities and towns around the country is VERY unlikely to be attempted here. Their appearance as perpetraters of terrorist attacks inside our country is however already happening.
While their overthrow of the US government seems extremely unlikely, their ability to kill us individually is very real.

Referring to coca cola as "coke" only perpetuates drug culture in our society and leads to a tolerance of illegal and harmful drugs.

i was ordering Coke long before i ever heard of cocaine. no connection really

The truly disturbing fact in this story is that there are hundreds of thousands of Muslims in our country who came here with no intention of assimilating into our culture, but rather the hope of changing it to their liking. Holy Crap cry smilie

Some people who have stuff and things regard others with less stuff and things as being less successful. These people mistakenly believe that stuff and things demonstrates success in life, while others know the truth.

What are your beliefs about life after death?

If death is not the end of life, then why do we shy away from it?

The United States should repeal the 2nd Amendment. Amirite?

The original intent of the founders included a means to overthrow the tyranny of a federal government that exceeded its limited powers at the expense of freedom.

Violence isn't solved with more violence - that is an oxymoron. The only way to solve violence is by doing the opposite - being peaceful to one another.

That assumes the other is like minded. In many cases, the other is bent on violence. What then.

Why do some Atheists get so infuriated at believers who express their gratitude for God? Why do they think it is so necessary to try and shake someones faith?

To some atheists, believers appear delusional. Hence the distain. Other atheists have a more tolerant and accepting perspective. The comfort and courage that believers get from their faith is largely unknown or unappreciated by atheists.
Each to his own is a good perspective when it comes to religion.

The FBI will finish its investigation, their report will be given to the DOJ and that will be the last we are hear from the FBI, the DOJ and HRC. WTF