I would refuse. I would be arrested. I would be charged and likely convicted of some BS crime. I would appeal until I came before a judge that is familiar with the constitution, whereupon I would be released, and get my own talk show on foxnews.

Atheists are very selfish people; I do not care much for those who reject Christianity.

Atheism has nothing to do with selfishness and everything to to with an opinion of reality. You have claimed a connection which you cannot prove.

The catholic church is accepting more and more married, converted priests. They say there is a shortage. After...forever...how can it now be okay?

All religions evolve to remain relevant as societies/cultures change.

Some people who have stuff and things regard others with less stuff and things as being less successful. These people mistakenly believe that stuff and things demonstrates success in life, while others know the truth.

If a religion's foundation is the sacrifice of a person to appease a god then, that religion is founded upon human sacrifice?

From a christian perspective your assertion seems to rest on the opinion that Jesus was a man, while in christian doctrine Jesus was regarded as MUCH more than simply a man. If Jesus is the subject of your assertion, it would not follow that Christianity is based on human sacrifice, but more accurately on god sacrifice😉

Professors who have spent too much time in their ivory towers, suffer the ill effects of long term oxygen deprivation. The solution to this problem is for Donald Trump to buy all these liberal universities and FIRE anyone who is so afflicted.

Have you ever made your own Ice Cream?
@cali93 No. I made my own butter before though.

Oh -- I love too much butter on fresh nuked corn on the cob. Run'in down yet chin 😎

If I was kicked out of my country, I'd curse it and pledge allegiance to my newfound country.

The problem for Syrian refugees is that they are from a culture that does NOT accept western values. Thus when they immigrate, they do not assimilate, but rather invade.

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What do you think the saying, "Never say never" means?

Since we live in a universe that we barely understand and since we can almost hold the concept of eternity, we are thus able to realise that possibilities are in fact infinite. In this context using the word never in reference to future events is incorrect. I think? Hmmmwt smilie

Well well well...what say you about your disgusting conversation with the most disgusting host on radio? You are the pot calling the kettle black...I've lost all respect for you...

Both Megan and Bret, clearly attacked Trump. Bret first with his "make the pledge" challenge, then Kelly with her "when DID you start being a Republican" question.
I am a conservative who watches Fox News regularly, but their attack was clearly intended to take him out. They claim that they had hard questions for everyone, but it seemed to me that Trump was targeted as no one else was.
I don't care if Megan talked to Stern or not. The fact is she attacked and Trump came back at her with his usual vulgar style.
IMO they both lost.

Should Congress vote "For" or "Against" the Iran Nuclear Deal?

Israel is the number one target for Iran's first nuclear attack. Everybody knows that including Obama. You figure that one out.

Is obama doing enough to combat ISIS?

Not even close. And he never intends to.

Is obama doing enough to combat ISIS?

Obama is a anti colonialist, as was his father. He views the middle east and particularly Muslims as having been oppressed and exploited by the west. Diminishing the power and influence of the west, is a good thing from his perspective.
Additionally. He is currently focused on his legacy. Ending our military presence in the middle east is near the top of his bucket list, irregardless of the harm that may result to us. It a way, he believes we deserve it anyway fir what he imagines as our arrogance.
Or Something Like That. flip smilie

If American conservatives dislike socialism so much then how come the vast majority of them worship the most influential commie in the world?

Associating Jesus with communism on the basis of giving, as a community, to the poor is both inaccurate and ridiculous.
He NEVER made a statement telling us to help the poor through tax funded government giveaway programs. We are as a nation of individuals, the most generous givers on the planet. Look it up.
This IS an activity that is wholeheartedly supported by political and social conservatives.
Your argument seems to be with conservatism. Choosing Jesus and communism to attack conservatives is a weak and uninformed assertion.