Girls: you don't get where the stereotype of girls not wanting sex as much as guys comes from. Sometimes you want a fucking a much as any stereotypical teenage boy does, amirite?
It's impossible for long distance relationships to work out, amirite?

Not with that attitude

It's amazing that Neil Armstrong was buried the same day there was a blue moon, amirite?

It's pretty nice of the moon to turn blue during his funeral


You are not the brightest crayon in the box are you

You wonder why there isn't a name for good dreams but there is one for bad dreams. amirite?
You're terrified that, in 15 years or so, all the elementary school classrooms will be filled with Percys, Katniss's, Hermoines, and Edwards, amirite?

I dont know about you but my kid's name is going to be david

It would be a funny typo for someone to accidentally replace the 'a' in flashlight with an 'e', amirite?

So last night I was masturbating with my flashlight

It's really annoying when people take someone less seriously because they're pretty. For example, when I had a profile picture of me as Albert Einstein, more people took me seriously. When I changed it to a picture that I looked better in, more people started taking me less seriously, even though I'm still the exact same person with the exact same thinking style and opinions, amirite?


Let's take the USA and move it somewhere else

"Like if you... Scroll if you don't..." ...But I still have to keep scrolling either way, amirite?
Do you have a favorite quote(s)? If so, feel free to comment it.

"you don't fuck personalities" -davidsplanteII

Coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon. Amirite?

Vagina in the evening

It's kind of annoying how everyone is suddenly jumping on the Hunger Games bandwagon because of the movie. amirite?
It's funny that when we find out about Kony abducting children in Africa, everyone is all up in arms, but when someone mentions that the United States is killing children in the Middle East, all you can hear are crickets, amirite?
When you are sick, you feel like any other sickness would be better than what you have. For example, sore throat? Damn, I'd settle for a headache right now! amirite?

Cancer? Damn, I'd settle for a headache right now!