Girls: you don't get where the stereotype of girls not wanting sex as much as guys comes from. Sometimes you want a fucking a much as any stereotypical teenage boy does, amirite?
The fact that water has an expiration date is a bit concerning... amirite?

If it is in a plastic container, then it Is the plastic that expires not the water

You love your IPhone 5 so much that you keep it in it's packaging, in the shop, at the mall, with cameras everywhere.
It's impossible for long distance relationships to work out, amirite?

Not with that attitude

You wonder why there isn't a name for good dreams but there is one for bad dreams. amirite?
You never actually got "The Talk" from your parents.
you're not really sure how to respond when someone tells you their weird fetish and all you are thinking in your head is "WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU," amirite?
The USA should set up a low orbit defense system to keep us Americans safe from future alien invasions, amirite?
@Chewbanshee Lol cause when aliens come, it'll just be for americans.

Itll be for everyone but americans will be safe when everyone else dies

It's funny that when we find out about Kony abducting children in Africa, everyone is all up in arms, but when someone mentions that the United States is killing children in the Middle East, all you can hear are crickets, amirite?
Life isn't actually short in terms of amount of time alive. It's just that we're expected to figure out in the first 20% how to spend the rest 80%. The only time we actually get to enjoy life purely for the enjoyment of life is during those 5-6 years before starting school. We're rushed through everything so much that the amount of time we spend actually "living" life is incredibly short, amirite?
@Statefarm I started school when I was four. Thanks for making me feel UNFULFILLED. There's also summer, like AppAwesome said...

I know an asain guy who's first sight coming out of the vagina was a math equation written on a black board

You've had days where you were so preoccupied you caught yourself doing things that didn't make any sense, like running the dishwasher with nothing in it or trying to put a bra on over your bra, amirite?

I ALWAYS put on 2 bras when I'm zoned out

You've see your cousins naked, amirite?

That's stupid. I don't spend that long in the 90's but i still remember a lot about it.

It's kind of sad when NASCAR drivers crash. It means that they somehow managed to mess up driving in a circle, amirite?