When one cooks meat and just leaves the pot to slowly boil without stirring, a layer of scum eventually floats to the surface. This is similar to what occurs when people continue to be ignorant and apathetic and remain listless and unconcerned when it's time for them to choose their leader. This is how one without the talent and ability to lead, is able to get to the top and be king. amirite?

Who's Jerry Sandusky?

"Sekeeth and Ye shall findeth" - I bet that's how it was then when Google was still in old english. Amirite?
@MusicIsAGift That was back when people watched TV in the dark, right?

I believe so yes. TV's then must have ran on firewood coz I'm sure they didn't have electricity at the time.

You had been in that situation where you've pushed the door close then stand there frozen for what seemed like eternity with a painful grimace on your face as you watch the car key taunt you from the other side of the car window. amirite?
Australia is a big country. It's a continent too. Nice people...wonderful place. But I''ll say I'm fortunate not to be living there because of the time zones. It's way ahead of almost everyone else and come December, 2012 when some say the world will end, it will be the first to go. Amirite?
@MusicIsAGift If you want to be really specific, some of Alaska's islands are the Eastern hemisphere because it goes so far west...

It is entirely my fault. It should have read - "among the first ones to go". Mea Culpa. I did say Australia is ahead of "almost" everyone. :)

The way to a man's heart is through his stomach but he'll die quicker with a gunshot through the brain. Amirite?
@The best part is you're from Saudi.

Yes I am here now but I am actually from the Philippines.

It doesn't matter whether you see the glass as half-empty or half-full. What matters is what you are going to do about it. That next action will determine whether you are the optimist or the pessimist. Amirite?
@Jonesy Drink it. Thats my next option

If you take a half-empty and a half-full glass of whisky together then what you really have is one full glass worth of a hangover... :)

In most instances, people will insist that they are not too drunk to drive, amirite?
It is only when the sky is dark enough that one can see the stars. Amirite?
Somewhere here in amirite? has another Facebook idea and believes Mark Zuckerberg was more luck rather than creative genius. Amirite?
Give a man fish nd he'll eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and sooner or later, he'll smell like one. Amirite?
@drhannah That's not funny.

Just fake the laugh then. I won't know the difference.

Give a man fish nd he'll eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and sooner or later, he'll smell like one. Amirite?
@drhannah But I'm not trying to impress you.

It's my fault anyway. I don't know anything abt fishing nor do I eat fish and I can't laugh at my own joke.

If people have more shame in themselves. And if people could actually die of shame, we would be holding elections every 90 days. Amirite?
@Statefarm I don't get how that's relevant here.

And I was starting to think it was just me. :)

More often than not, it is the woman with a past who tends to be drawn to the man without a future. Amirite?

There is no claim on the statement being true on my part as the poster. It is why there is the qualifying question "amirite?" at the end. It is a question that solicits agreement or not which is the premise that I understood the website is built-on. There is no sexist motive but I accept that there will be sexist interpretations. That usually happens when we overthink or second-guess the intentions of a poster. I could have interchanged the genders and wrote it as "man with a past and woman without a future" but at this point, I am not very hopeful that it will change the allusions to my person. Just to reply to one comment, I am an engineer.

So far, nobody has invented a material that can be used to fabricate the underside of a moviehouse seat that is resistant to bubblegum or booger. Amirite?
@Blake11roys But then wouldn't it just end up on the floor?

And that would be unfortunate because the moment that someone comes up with a booger-proof material, all the fun in picking our noses and rolling the booger into a ball is gone.

I never bothered to find out who invented velcro but eversince it came out, I always thought that it was some guy who probably had a painful experience with zippers. Having said that, most of you will be googling and coming back to tell me that nowhere does it say anything about pain and zippers then vote "No way" just to shove it to my face. Amirite?

I crafted the post to target those who vote only after reading the post through. I am not mainly after how many votes this post will get. I am more interested in knowing if the voters actually read the post through before they vote. Ultimately, I am looking at a scenario where the votes approximates the number of comments. If that happens, I would have achieved my original intent.