About me.

I have a HUGE love for music. I prefer rock and metal music but everone has different tastes.
Favorite Bands?

Korn KORN, God I fucking LOVE Korn :) haha, And..
My 2nd favorite is Nirvana ( I'll forever love Kurt Cobian. )

Avenged Sevenfold
Blink 182
Breaking Benjamin
Bullet For My Valentine
A Day to Remember
Deftones. Verrrrry nice sex music. ;]
Escape the Fate
Drowning Pool
Five Finger Death Punch
Flyleaf. I love Lacey Mosley's voice. I'd kill for it.
Hollywood Undead
Marilyn Manson
Nirvana. I'll forever love Kurt Cobian. R.I.P.
Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Rise Against
Slipknot. X] R.I.P. Paul Gray.
Three Days Grace
Foo Fighters
From First to Last
Green Day

I actully, unlike most teenagers, like to read. I'm a Spring kind of person, I love the storms. I'm easy going but usually don't like being around people. I have very different interest. One day I'm dressed girly and super cute and then the next like a death metal. I love shopping, sleeping in, music, and getting my hair done. I'm a cat person even though I'm allergic. I'm big on people with a great sense of humor, keep me laughing and I'm addicted. I'm not sure on my religious views..
I'm forever taken. 11/29/10.