About me.

Just a little something about me:
Name: Marilee
Age: 21!! I can't believe I'm an adult now!!
Birthdate: 12 March 1991
Current location: South Africa
Gender: Female
I am bilingual. Could speak English and Afrikaans all my life.
I do not judge or look down on people. My mom told me: "If you think or say something bad about someone it comes back 10 times to you." when I was really little and the thought still haunts me, so it's programmed into my brain by now. I do however have opinions. Opinions based on my own research, but if you can add to my research with your opinion, I will respect it, be thankful for it and consider it.

I like sharing my opinions and my thought process behind it.

Likes: computer games, cars, movies, drawing and writing, anime and manga, collecting stuff, anything that'll give me an adrenaline rush, excersize, doing nothing, swimming, dancing, lying under the clouds, playing around, goofing off, taking pictures, foreign candy, randomly epic things, history, learning new things, A.I., thinking...
Dislikes: fake people, cockroaches, stereotypes, peas, cigarette smoke, bitches, douche-bags, judgmental people, rude people...
Studying computer programming, wants to study mechanical engineering, animation, fine arts, travel around...
Working as a software developer, focusing on web development. I work in VB.NET, but I prefer C#.

Right now my life is off to a hectic start. Pretty exciting. I've been living on my own and taking care of myself since December 2009 and will soon be moving to the big city for big bucks. =D