Do you think school is nescessary? I dont, i think its a waste of time, i think the government should submit a weekly video with all subjects and the child have to submit a test each year to the government to test thier IQ.


The last run-on sentence doesn't make any sense.

Clearly, school is important.

If in a battle someone cuts off your legs, you really don't stand a chance, amirite?

and if they cut off your arms, hands down they're gonna win.

Which one of these do you think is the biggest category of discrimination/oppression in your country at the present. Please comment explaining why, and please only use Other if you believe there is a category not mentioned, not if you "believe they're all equal" or something.

I would say Religion. In the Philippines, there's this controversy about the reproductive health bill, which includes family planning, sex ed, abortion, contraceptives, etc. Since we're majorly affected by the Church, this bill was stuck in congress because some of the members wanted it while the "devout Catholic" members did not. It's a clear violation of separation of Church and State.

Which sense would you eliminate if you had to?
That awkward moment when santa has the same wrapping paper as your mum.

and the same handwriting... hmm smilie

Trying to help a stubborn person is like beating your head on a tree. You just can't do it. Don't even try because all you will wind up with is heartache.

Don't you mean headache?

Rather than spending our tax dollars feeding and clothing sex offenders in prisons across America, I think we should just castrate them after their conviction. It would prevent them from committing a sex crime again in the future, ease the strain on our overcrowded prisons, and save money.

And if they were wrongfully convicted?

It would be crazy if college was like the hunger games. Before you left you could only see three of your loved ones for a limited time. What you took with you was limited so that you could only focus on school. Every week, depending on your GPA, the lowest scorers would get killed. If you brought distractions like phones, alcohol, etc. you'd get killed. And only the top 3 scoring in the class would live to be successful and alive from the college. That would be crazy, amirite?

Only three? That's scary.

In order to discourage under age smoking and drinking, all films and TV shows ever released featuring characters smoking or drinking should be edited with CGI. Instead of smoking, they're now eating a stick of celery. And instead of drinking alcohol, it's fresh orange juice. Please, won't somebody think of the children?

-1 disagree? You must be really right then.

When you were in elementary/middle school, whenever the teacher tried to show a video and the screen went all salt and pepper static-y, there was always that one kid who had to say, "that's my favorite channel!", amirite?

In my class, someone would scream that the girl from the Ring will come out.

"Opposites attract," but "birds of a feather flock together," amirite?

The pen is mightier than the sword but actions speak louder than words.

Accents: Something almost all of us have.
@madib wouldn't that be more of a dialect than an accent?

It's not a different language that differs from region to region, it's the same sign language. It's just that the way they sign is a little bit different from the
way foreigners sign because they were taught in different places. These are their accents.

Accents: Something almost all of us have.
@fuzala I wasn't gonna include almost then I thought of those without voices but they can have accents in their...

Actually, there are "accents" in Sign Language. Since people learn how to sign from different places. It is more likely that not every sign will be exactly the same.

If you add the wary smilie emoticon at the end of almost any comment or message, it will still make some sense, and it makes whatever you said sound more suspicious, amirite?
@Bun10 Really? None of this is suspicious to you?

Nope, I can honestly say I trust you completely wary smilie

If you add the wary smilie emoticon at the end of almost any comment or message, it will still make some sense, and it makes whatever you said sound more suspicious, amirite?

I am not wary of any of you now. wary smilie