Im very much on the fence. What DID grind my tits was that magistrate spending 2 hours on delivering a bail judgement. The attention went a bit to his head, amirite?

Knives are just handicapped scissors, amirite?

War veteran: amputee scissors

It would suck if Santa Claus really didn't exist and it was just our parents putting gifts under the tree every year, amirite?

My parents would never lie to me! Lies and slander

Being Unsure If You Should Believe The Answer Some One Wrote In The Book
@Sarcasm_on_ice This kinda seems like the title to some gripping new novel.

I was about to say that I'm not so sure gripping is the word to use.
Then I saw your username.

You'd pay a fair bit of money to see ActionMan and StickCaveman mud wrestling each other, amirite?

This needs to happen!

You never actually got "The Talk" from your parents.

I got it twice because divorced parents o_o

HonestTea should go one step further and make more drinks, but with special abilities. Such as ImmortaliTea, DisabiliTea, FataliTea, or HomosexualiTea, amirite?

These comments make me feel a lot of hostilitea

You hate it when you take a stab in the dark and accidentally kill a black person, amirite?
Waking up to a massive spider with it's unholy demon spawn would scare the everloving shit out of you, amirite?

This is great for studying purposes because not a fuck am I ever sleeping again y smilie

Sometimes you see someone with their dog and wonder what could have possibly possessed them to buy that dog, amirite?

We got my dog after she was rescued from a drug house where they tried to kill her at age 6 weeks. She's a pitbull so everyone was like "omg she's gonna grow up to take your face off" and now she's 3 years old and the gentlest, sweetest pup around :') I really love my dog too

Sometimes its hard to imagine that the language you speak and know inside and out might be completely alien and incomprehensible to someone else, amirite?

Nee fok ek weet nie wat julle se ne.

Humans are the only creatures that would cut down trees, make paper from them and then write "save the trees" on it, amirite?
Humans are the only creatures that would cut down trees, make paper from them and then write "save the trees" on it, amirite?
@Truuninja Except gazelles, who also do that.

Yeah those protests held by GAD (Gazelles Against Deforestation) get really rowdy :P

Whatever you type into Google images, there will be at least one picture that doesn't relate to what you typed at all, amirite?

Especially when you have safe search turned off :/

Even though your eraser is completely nonexistant by now, you still try to use it... amirite?

Yes, I regularly reach into my reach into my pencil case and grab a piece of nothing and rub at my paper :)