The dieting world needs to stop discriminating against fat transexuals, amirite?

The first time I saw "trans fats" I pictured a bunch of fatty acids dancing at a trance party

Yes, god did put marijuana on this Earth. That doesn't give people the right to abuse it, amirite?

Yeah I never understand those people who beat their marijuana up behind closed doors and then claim that it fell down the stairs. That shit is f*cked up man.

Saying someone elses marriage is against your religion is like getting mad at someone for eating a doughnut because you're on a diet, amirite?
@pb55020 Religion is a lot more passionate than a diet. People don't think that their diet will affect them in the...

Of course they're comparable. It is none of your business to get mad at someone for making decisions about who they marry just as much as its not your problem if they eat a doughnut or not. Both have an equal amount of influence on your life = none.

Pictures are lies. People pretend to be happy and put on a forced smile for those 5 seconds they are posing. People don't take pictures when they are having a hard time in life, unless they're professional photographers. amirite?

That's because human nature means we want to remember the happy times and not be forced to dwell on the bad ones. Imagine showing your kids your photo album and having to say "yes, that's my boyfriend breaking up with me, oh and look there's the one of me lying in bed sobbing my eyes out." Or, "And here's a picture of grandpa in a drunken rage minutes before he took the belt to us." Plain depressing is all that'd be.

It's so annoying when you go to the pond and see all these ducks practicing their teenage girl faces, amirite?

Next thing you know they're going to be going "Erm meh gerd! Look at tha way the light hits mah fethaz I'm so pretty everybody look at me!" instead of "quack quack".

Drunk Driving should be encouraged to weed out all the stupid people from the smart people, amirite?
@Not to mention those unlucky bastards that get killed by drunk drivers. Who needs them?

Not realising that us non-Americans do not insist on adding a 'z' to every word instead of an 's' DOES make you stupid.

You don't understand the function of a rubber duck, amirite?

Testing for sharks in the bathtub

Drunk Driving should be encouraged to weed out all the stupid people from the smart people, amirite?
@Not to mention those unlucky bastards that get killed by drunk drivers. Who needs them?

Thats just plain offensive. Not realising that someone is racing through a red light at 100 miles an hour doesnt make you stupid

It's weird to think that one day kids will learn about the Twin Towers just like we learned about the Titanic, amirite?

My brother just waitered at a Titanic theme dance. I REALLY hope that they dont ever have 9/11 themed proms...

It shouldn't matter if you're black or white- love is love, amirite?
@Favvkes it's true because it rhymes

It sounds like some politically correct Dr Seuss rhyme

It wouldn't be that surprising if aliens accused the Korean language of plagiarising their crop circles, amirite?
You've never understood why liking fish sticks makes you a gay fish, amirite?
Teeth are little brats. They're so high maintenance. Nothing else gets cleaned 2-3 times a day! They have their own brush. They have their own doctors. They get first dibs on everything you eat. AND THEY DON'T EVEN HAVE THE DECENCY TO GROW IN STRAIGHT. amirite?

True. I'm going for xrays this week because my damn wisdom teeth have been AWOL for 18 years. They now decide to grow in with a vengeance. A skew, impacted vengeance.

The best part about raping is that people don't care about your spelling when you talk, amirite?
It's really attractive when people scrunch their lips together when taking a picture. More people should pose like that. amirite?