Why I can't drink bear?I am almost 12 years old I can drink if I want right?

Obviously the spelling thing was put on purpose for controversy. I'm just giving them what they want

Let's say that when you die you have a choice to either be reincarnated into another human or disappear into nothingness forever, knowing that if you wanted to live again there is a chance you may be born into poverty (almost half the world live on less than $2.50 a day) or some other terrible situation like be born with a defect or disease, you would...[Show All] choose to fade out of existence entirely, amirite? [Show Less]

Why not live again and escape from that poverty. Yes it would take lots of work and your life might seem like a living hell, but isn't it worth it if you get to change that?

People who claim that they enjoy working out are liars, amirite?

People enjoy whatever floats their boat.

For the songs that you really love, you never forget the lyrics. amirite?

Not when you have the memory of a dog

You met someone from the internet in real life before, amirite?

Yes and it's a very strange experience because people are sometimes different on the internet than in person

Why I can't drink bear?I am almost 12 years old I can drink if I want right?

Well maybe if you would've spelled beer correctly I might've considered it

It's a shame that being skilled with a ball allows you to get away with atrocious crimes against humanity. Amirite?

It's unfair

would you rather Facebook or YouTube why for your choice?

YouTube, facebook is very local and YouTube you can be alone and watch whatever you'd like

Is sarcasm a good defence against stupidity.

you have to be smart to understand sarcasm so why would you use sarcasm with someone dumb that couldnt understands

We're not just beautiful or just ugly. We're a mixture of both. Amirite?
@fuzala oh yeah so when that person killed someone in cold blood out of greed it was the beauty in them it definitely...

The person wasn't always that way though they evolved and changed into that kind of person, and that poor person might have a good side that we didn't get to see

We're not just beautiful or just ugly. We're a mixture of both. Amirite?

disagree because i think everyones beautiful just differently in their own way

It is so unfair that Albon had his right to gun ownership questioned based on his religious headwear as a leader of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

i think everyone deserves the right to own what they they want no matter what there beliefs are. We are all equals right? as long as there responsible with it, i dont see the problem

Some people assume that the animals don't have a soul and that they would need them in order to enter Heaven. Do you agree? Why? My opinion is that the breath if life is a soul and that He gave it to both animals and man.

i agree with you because animals need love amd compassion and why else would they ask for such a thing if they were soulless

It is better to be a nobody than a somebody.

i think its better to be whatever makes you happy

It's a little bit sad when you realize that you've lost the mind of a child, amirite?

im sorry that you've lost it ..