About me.

Well, I'm me. You either like me or not. I love Doctor Who and the TARDIS! I am a JESUS FREAK and MUSIC OBSESSOR. My favorite bands are Coldplay, The Fray and OneRepublic.

If you met me(which, honestly, I hope never happens, 'cause I'll probably spazz out and die) you'd probably think I was the most annoying person. Most people do. One minute I'm all quiet and sad-like, and the next I could be screaming in your face. A lot of times I'll be talking to someone and try to say something that makes perfect sense, but I'll randomly stutter and look like an idiot.

Ahh, gotta love random stutterings.

I'm kind of a hopeless romantic. My head is always in a book, and 95% of the time it's some sort of romance book. Maybe because my love life is EXTREMELY non-existent.

Other then reading, my two other major passions are music and writing. I rarely leave my house without my iPod and a pen. I have a strange obsession with pens. Like I most likely have more than 10 pens with me if you ask. And I constantly look for free music online, so if you know of any good sites, let me know!

I also can be kind of OCD, so my bio will probably change a lot.

If you send me a message, I will most likely answer it. I check amirite the same time I check facebook, so I should answer within a day. Unless I'm on my deathbed or something.

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