We can't sense our own presence. amirite?

Because we are always present.

The guy who determines the Guinness world record holder for longest fart must really hate his job. amirite?

Unless he's also the record holder too

We are always in a dangerous situation but we don't always realise it, amirite?

Yes, a meteor might hit me. I'm scared.

If you manage to get as many lightyears away from Earth as your age and has a VERY powerful telescope, you'd be able to watch yourself grow up. amirite?

Very 😎 ....

If you intentionally enter the left lane it's the right lane, amirite?
If you intentionally enter the left lane it's the right lane, amirite?
Most young people are treated as if they were children, while they are expected to behave as adults, amirite?
@bertlp The worst thing a child can do is prove their parents right

My parents still think of me as a recluse spineless socially inept home monkey, despite all the evidence saying otherwise.

Your irises are always parallel to whatever you're looking at, amirite?


For depressed people, walking around with a mouth covering is a nice way to not have to worry about forcing smiles when you really don't want to. amirite?


The walk to remove your politicalyard sign after your candidate loses has to feel a little bit like the walk of shame. amirite?

The really angry ones leave the losers sign in their yard long after the election.

If other species of humans still existed, species-ism would have probably been a thing. amirite?

The way we treat other animals...speciesism is definitely a thing.

It's hard to measure the extent of your blindness. amirite?
@tonywonderslostnut If you and the professional share the same blindness then their test would fail to detect it

You'd have to share that blindness (whatever that even means) with every professional involved in testing blindness.

We use toothpaste to keep our teeth from rotting but it was only invented in the 1850s, amirite?
If you walk North, you will eventually go South and vise versa. However, if you walk East or West, you will never go the opposite way. amirite?

International dateline? Where if you're on the east side of it and go "west", you're in the far east!!!

People spend thousands of dollars to conceive a baby "naturally" because their bodies reproductive systems fail them, but they could simply let go of the nonexistent significance of sharing DNA and adopt a child to truly help someone in need of love and family. amirite?
@Cheytuflya Oof.. you're one of them 👀

An adopted human being with siblings that are blood relatives to my adoptive parents? Yes, I am. Thanks for noticing.