It seems that fat bearded men are the biggest opponents to face masks. amirite?

I'm fat and bearded and I wear a mask... I feel offended

If public toilets were made to be less comfortable to sit on, we'd have way shorter lines, amirite?

You must not work in construction...

the sky gets it's blue color from water, but what make the water blue, amirite?

The sky

They are there for each other

boys trying to get hot chicks, but girls are trying to find hot guys. amirite?

This doesn't make sense and you should feel bad.

When Apollo 11 landed 2 people had to spend a week away from family and friends. Including the 2 day long space launch. amirite?

Water is wet

What's on your tombstone will be your last tweet, amirite?

Oooh we blowing stuff up now? Count me in~

If we could shave fat like we could shave hair, we would definitely do it... amirite?

Fat takes some time to burn, so if I could shave off fat I'd use it to light a campfire or something.

When w‌‌e f‌‌inally b‌‌eat t‌‌he p‌‌andemic w‌‌e s‌‌hould e‌‌xpect l‌‌ots o‌‌f p‌‌orn w‌‌here t‌‌he m‌‌ain c‌‌haracter i‌‌s p‌‌unished f‌‌or n‌‌ot w‌‌earing a‌‌ m‌‌ask. amirite?
It's very strange why we specifically have an abundance of ass hair. amirite?
One day you will be closer to your death date than to your birthdate and won't know what day. amirite?
Condoms are underutilized ad space. amirite?

Not sure I want a "Kinder Surprise" ad on mine

The harry potter books get a lot creepier when you realize that Peter Pettigrew, a grown adult, was sitting on Ron's lap and sleeping in Ron's bed for years. amirite?
Mario is one of biggest simps ever, amirite?

Pokimane should be peach for Halloween and all her simps should be Mario and Luigi

Mario is one of biggest simps ever, amirite?

Peach is a thot

Calling a child an adult is a compliment but calling an adult a child in treated as an insult, amirite?

Thus showing that we see adults as more competent than children.