You hate Jews, amirite?

I know you THINK you're being funny, but remember that simple "humour" can often be a catalyst for hatred and resentment: it lead to the genocide of six million Jews! You think one day the Nazis stood up and said, "Hey, I have an idea, let's kill the Jews"? Of course not! They gradually built up everyone's hatred for the Jews by shoving hater propaganda in their faces and making jokes about them - that's how the whole thing started! The Germans thought they were so funny, they made cartoons of Jews with big noses - wow, what a GREAT sense of humour. You're going to tell me that "it was just a joke, and they meant no harm"? Thank you very much, it wasn't. Jews have reason to worry. Your comment is not funny AT ALL.
Also. To those of you who are worried that you might actually have to feel bad for us, that's a very selfish way of looking it. No one asked for your sympathy, it is just assumed that when you hear about such terrible crimes you will feel empathetic on their behalf.

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Masturbating in the bathroom of a plane is hijacking, amirite?

Pretty much anywhere in the plane, not just the bathroom.

Especially the cock pit hello smilie.