It's kind of weird that someone becoming best friends with a person who isn't their partner, spending all their time with them, telling them everything and connecting with them really well in general, isn't considered cheating when having a random, drunk, sexual encounter is, amirite?

Yes but sex is usually something reserved for only your romantic relationship. You are still going to have relationships with other people (family, friends, children, etc.), which means you are going to invest in emotional attachments to them. Your partner isn't the only person in the world you're allowed to love and connect with (non romantically).

It's impossible to sleep the night before Christmas, amirite?

Dang, even this post made me excited! I love Christmas! It's my favorite holiday! Everything is decorated and pretty. I get to see most of my family, my cousins especially. We eat together and listen to Christmas music. We play in the snow. I make cards for my family. And I always love the looks on my cousins' and my mom's face when I give them presents. I get so excited.

You are excited for 10/25 for one reason or another, amirite?
@__________ Actually, I was more excited about the 23rd. Mole day, and whatnot.

OMG!!! My AP Chemistry class had a Mole Day Party on the Friday before.

Most girls say they aren't like most girls, amirite?

We're all petty sometimes. We all want to feel special/unique.

Just because a band isn't from the US, doesn't mean that their music sucks, amirite?
@Courage_Wolf Oh, I misunderstood, I thought he was listing other terrible bands. I'm not that big a fan of Muse, and I know a...

I didn't understand at first either (I know a lot of people on this site like them [I don't really listen to them though] so I wasn't sure).

Just because a band isn't from the US, doesn't mean that their music sucks, amirite?
@Name one band not from America, that doesn't sound completely weird or boring.

U2, the Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Radiohead, David Bowie (though he's not a band), Led Zeppelin, Placebo, the Who, oh and a BUNCH of classical musicians.

Was this a joke?

Just because a band isn't from the US, doesn't mean that their music sucks, amirite?
Just because a band isn't from the US, doesn't mean that their music sucks, amirite?

Nickelback is from Canada and Muse is from the UK, I believe. So why did you add that in? Just a good band not from America?

If the world was a high-school: America would be the bitchy head cheerleader that no one likes but everyone hangs out with because she's cool. Western Europe would be the rest of the popular cheerleaders; Africa would be the lazy kid that blames everyone else for his problems; China would be that awkward girl that might one day become head cheerleader, and the Middle East would be that kid that nobody likes, amirite?

I don't know. I feel like America would be the popular valedictorian who's afraid of having his grades slip. He's sometimes kind of a jerk, but a part of him really wants to be nice. At the same time the nice part gets a little nosey. Canada and America would definitely need to be related. So would England and America and England and Australia. I don't know, some of these I would tweak a little bit. Plus countries have a lot of different people in them who are different, and their characters would need more complex personalities.

It's never too late to begin reading the Harry Potter books, amirite?

I actually just started reading them at the end of August. I'm on number five right now. And I have to say Neville, Luna, and Ron are still my favorite characters.

Rude people riding on public transportation should be smited immediately, amirite?

Smited? Do you mean smote?

you had a furby. and you killed it, amirite?

"Why do you hate Furby? Why is Furby all alone in box? AHHH SPIDER!!! Furby phone home! Furby phone home!"

If one twin is born at 11:54 PM, and the other is born at 12:03 AM, technically they're not twins, amirite?

In expensive baths of champagne?

You couldn't beat up your dad. Amirite?

You mean the guy who's eight inches taller, 80 pounds heavier than me, lifts weights, and was in the Vietnam War?

No, I think I could take him.