About me.

My name is (insert rather common name), I'm sixteen, and I live in (insert medium sized town in the Northeast United States). My name comes from the song Dirait-on (surprise, surprise) by Morten Lauridsen, and is based on an incredibly beautiful French poem. In English, it means "so they say." As for my photo: It's me! And the goat that wandered into my driveway last spring! The picture was taken at my neighbor's house though.

Things I like:
Cookies, chocolate, ice cream, basically anything sugary
Figure skating
Harry Potter
Acting crazy
Music, especially show tunes, classical music, and movie soundtracks, though I occasionally listen to more current stuff as well.

Things I don't like:
Bad drivers (coughmy mothercough)
Stupid people, ignorant people, snotty people, pretty much the majority of people in my high school, though I try to be nice.
Songs with random rap sections in the middle (that trend needs to stop RIGHT NOW)

I've been on this site for a while, but never made an account until now. I never made any posts of note, but I was rather proud of these two comments:
http://new.amirite.net/607590/1303598 40 loves wasted because I was too lazy to make an account. :P
Turns out I DID have one post of note, during the period in which I made posts as ninja. Grrr. I discovered it while searching for Phineas and Ferb posts: http://amirite.net/183766