About me.

Hi, I'm Rhys
I was recently divorced from the love of my life and have just been declared bankrupt. I have failed every single class I've ever taken due to my exceptionally low intelligence which is comparable to that of a thermometer and I am showing no signs of improving. I lost my last job because I would regularly skip work to deal drugs to the kids at the local school, from which I was previously expelled for repeatedly supplying alcohol to minors. I now live on the streets and have lost all my hair due to stress and anxiety even though I'm only 18. My only companion is the insessant lonliness that haunts my soul as I've been without friends since kindergarten, where I was bullied relentlessly on a daily basis by all that attended. I'm incredibly fat and hideously ugly and I have absolutely no sense of humour. Jk tho. I'm actually incredibly hot. Girls are constantly coming on to me and I have to turn them down. Guys everywhere I go are clamoring to be my friend. Everyone I meet is in awe of my wittiness and charm. I smell really amazing and my cock is just incredible. Also I love Will :$

I do have really good self esteem though. (lol why wouldn't I, I'm a fucking sex beast)