Generally, kids are really good at forgiving people and they do so pretty quickly, amirite? Example: "I'm not your friend no' mo'! 3 minutes later "Hey! Can I have some of dat cheese?"

Damn these hypothetically children are black!

Erwin Schrödinger was not a cat person, amirite?

...and at the same time, he was.

It's really inappropriate that a girl in my class stays after school everyday to be with our teacher, they message each other all the time on Facebook, the teacher talks bad about students with her behind their backs, and that he got her a present for no reason. Amirite?
@I think she's going for the D..

Actually I think she's going for an A.

Waking up to a massive spider with it's unholy demon spawn would scare the everloving shit out of you, amirite?
@Bun10 *You're

I believe he was introducing Seymour to his welcome, you see, it's rather fancy to word it like that actually. Much like a waiter saying, "Your caviar, sir."

Click "Yeah You Are!" to vote for Obama, and "No Way!" to vote for Rommey. Let's see who wins this! amirite?

I'm voting for Regina George because she got hit by a bus.

Sometimes in a series you wish some characters would date but they never do, amirite?

Welcome to the internet.

someone trips "Hey, be careful, theres some gravity right there", amirite?

it wud be mo funnay if yuz wasnt so damm pruhpa which ya words. iight home diggity dawggg

Someone with the last name "Scissors" could never campaign for president because nobody would be willing to run with him, amirite?
@Skr3wBall I wasn't (cry2) I was just saying she was smarter and faster than me...

Damn I have to make my puns more obvious
let me restate that
Don't you get >>>>>> snippy <<<<<< with her now.

It would be weird if Gangnam Style was actually a giant rain dance and we brought this hurricane on ourselves. Amirite?
@I saw that 3 times today.

This was your favourite time I hope

Every country in the world should work together to create the world's largest building where every last human being on Earth lives. One where each country has its own floor, and you can visit your relatives and friends by pushing the button on the elevator that corresponds with their country. Though totally preposterous and unrealistic, this is a pretty cool thought, amirite?
@Izu Solution: Mopeds. >:3

Mopeds are, in fact, the answer to everything.

Girls: you don't care how big a guy's wiener is, because all that really matters is how big the wiener in his heart is, amirite?

Perfect post, I agree 110%, best post ever, should be POTD twice, 10/10 would read again, 420 smoke weed

It's sort of weird that there are 3,000 fanfictions about the Bible online, amirite?
Your first kiss was not at all what you expected. The movies make it seem so idealistic and romantic but in reality it kind of feels like your face is being consumed, amirite?

First ever was an accident..some guy saw the back of my head in the hallway, mistook me for his girlfriend, then really fast spun me around and attacked my face with his face
Still to this day have no fuckin clue who it was, he just shouted "OH SHIT BALLS YOU'RE NOT HER" and ran the other way

You cheat whenever you want because you're a teenager and you don't owe your life to your bf/gf, amirite?
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