When you've been pronouncing a word incorrectly for a long time, it just doesn't sound right when you pronounce it correctly or hear it pronounced correctly, amirite?

I used to say novice like NO - VICE

If you watch a show that normally has a laughtrack without the laughtrack, though, it is SO WEIRD!

You feel like a beast when you're able to get the username you want without having add numbers or extra letters, amirite?
Sometimes you leave mistakes in you're posts on pursose just to see if the grammar nazis will point them out. amirite?
@Iwannafingeryou To be honest I was inspired for this post by your username.

He's actually a pretty bad Grammar Nazi. He's not the worst I've seen, though.

I think of a great amirite post when I'm nowhere near the computer and when I try to remember it to post's only ever on the tip of your tongue, amirite?

Mobile phones.

Annoying job interview question: "Why would you like to work here?" Uh, to get a paycheck, smart one, amirite?

Seriously, it's always the hardest and usually most pointless question.

Hint, though: start off with "gaining experience", you "like the atmosphere", it "looks like a nice place", "the people seem nice and hardworking", etc. etc.

It's wierd to see mom and dad when you are using someone else's phone, amirite?

Shouldn't get weirder than that unless you hit "call".

If Wal-Mart is lowering prices everyday, then why isn't anything free yet, amirite?

I think you're getting somewhere...

Don't worry Pluto, we're not planets either, amirite?
@ThePieRow Explain Sir Dom.

In 2006, Pluto's classification was changed from a planet to a dwarf planet because it didn't meet the requirements to be considered a planet.

Don't worry Pluto, we're not planets either, amirite?
You shouldn't have an hour of homework to do after school if you have THREE free periods during the day. amirite?

Unless you slack off.

Ghost shows have some good actors, amirite?

They're horrible, but I get your point.

So has anyone else noticed that smileys are acceptable to use as punctuation? Maybe because a .:) just looks weird. amirite?

I think you will find this funny as well: :]