About me.

Derp :P
Hehe, I love that word! :DD
Anywhore, I'm Rochelle c: Mainly I don't write anything in the info section or whatever but I thought why not this time?
I write. It helps me calm down when I'm in one of my "moods" as my mother likes to call it.-. I can write anything. Love letters, Heart breaks, wishing something that may never happen. Eh, I guess you could say I write poetry? Ha! In fact I do. Other then writing, I'm a computer/gamer freak. If you EVER say "Ohmigod, your a chick and your a gamer?" I will snap on you. I hate when people do that to me. It makes me feel like their making fun of my gender, even when they don't. Don't ask if I play Call of Duty. I do but sometimes It makes me want to break my Xbox. (Yes I have an Xbox o: )
I draw. I can't draw real life but I can draw anime (:
Hints the fact that I'm also an anime freak :3
Cause their that amazingggggg!
Music is my best friend, alot of people say this but It just is. I'm not into rap or anything like that. It gives me a headache honestly xD I'm more into scearmo, and world music. Like Pierce The Viel (screamo) Wonder Girls ( Korean) SHINee ( Korean) JPM (Chinese or something like that..) If your wondering if I can understand them well no and yes. I'm currently teaching myself Korean right now :DD
I think everyone should be happy, no matter who they love!
Well that everything, message me if you wanna talk :3