most children hate going to sleep, but adults and teens can't get enough of it, amirite?

Sleep is an escape from life, and not only is it an escape but it's an entrance to a world fueled by the power of will and intention. For as little as things make sense in the world of dreams, if you wish something hard enough it will become true. And that's a major improvement from the alternative.

Your dick erections in the mornings is body maintenance, your brain is the owner, your heart is the mechanic. amirite?

It's to prevent you from pissing yourself during the night - you get multiple erections across the whole sleep cycle.

All life on Earth is nuclear powered. amirite?

Technically we're all mitochondrial powered, as that is the powerhouse of the cell

Everyone is immortal until proved otherwise. amirite?

Similarly, you could be bullet proof, but you may never know. Not something to test, but a fun concept anyway

You have forgotten something really important and will never remember what. amirite?

No, if it was important you wouldn't forget it unless you have dementia

Mosquitoes are probably the only animal that most people agree its OK to kill in any way necessary, amirite?
Men might one day evolve to have anal cavities that self lubricate. amirite?
@Sharag I peg your pardon ?

Not without my permission.

It'd be dope if nipples clicked in and out like pens. amirite?

I often am worried if this would happen. And now I know it won't. Thank you, random person.

Kids can't wait to become adults, while adults wish they were kids again. amirite?

Speak for yourself, I just want to die already 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭

You'll never be the same when you realize you can see Tim Allen's junk in Galaxy Quest. amirite?
Being a celebrity is the same as living in a world where Facial Recognition software/search engines aren't taboo. amirite?

Being a celebrity means other people will recognize you, not software.

Maybe your dog keeps bringing the ball back because he thinks you just like throwing it. amirite?

Writing prompt!

You might have already taken the picture that is going to be used at your funeral, amirite?

My friend's FB profile pic was her funeral pic. It was surreal

The base unit of procrastination is 5 minutes, amirite?

Unless you're in grad school, in which case the base unit is a thesis

The base unit of procrastination is 5 minutes, amirite?
@Framie1 Later

Hey, it's been at least five minutes, mate.