It's not that we may never reach the end of the universe that scares me, but we may never reach another galaxy. amirite?

We will reach Andromeda one day, whether we like it or not

When you insert a buttplug the wrong way, you have a worldplug, amirite?

Nah it's still plugging your butt.

People are more willing to donate to millionaire Twitch streamers than give a homeless person money. amirite?

They're paying the twitch streamer for the entertainment they provide. It isn't a handout They're providing a service

If you put a team of Stormtroopers against team of Pokemons in a game of Dodgeball, it would probably never end, amirite?
@Framie1 But the Pokémon would beat the troopers quickly

That's true. A Magikarp could probably win against the Avengers!

An elderly woman's feet still contain her essence, amirite?


A resume is our DnD character sheet, amirite?

I'd be genuinely impressed if someone handed me a resume done in a dnd format

Someday, aggressively running your hand through someone's butt crack, then saying MasterCard, will make no sense because of chip and tap technology. amirite?

Than it's time to be introduce the Chip slap.

If the moon landing was a hoax, the Soviets would have gone out of their way to prove it was faked, amirite?
@Sewcrazy4cats Lol, are you one of those guys that actually believes in the moon?

Well, there is at least the hologram projecting satellite... but its only about the size of an SUV. Nothing to land on.

Prisoners serving life without parole in non death penalty places essentially can murder without any real consequences, amirite?

Somebody has never tried the loaf.

Hell is a pyromaniacs heaven! amirite?
Our species is one of the rare ones with only 2 breasts, amirite?

Number of breasts are determined by expected number of babies +1.

Average cat litter size is 4-6, cats have 6-8 nipples.

Like humans, elephants only have 1 baby at a time, so they also have 2 nipples.

‘Pennies From Heaven' must have been a much more lucrative idea back when it was recorded in 1936. amirite?

sad inflation noises

In about 30 years, some senior citizens in retirement homes will be listening to gangster rap and grunge music. amirite?

Funny to think that we'll ever get to retire...I'll probably be working until I keel over.

Because consciousness happens in the brain, you don't have a skeleton inside you. You are inside a skeleton. amirite?

I am a mass of nerves wrapped around a skeleton

When you walk forward in a train, you are faster than the train. amirite?