you could have a lot of friends and still be lonely, amirite?

And at the same time, you can have one friend, and feel complete.

"What did the hot dog name his son?..... Frank!" Ahahahaha..... oh popsicle joke, you're so lame. amirite?
@ctiscooler What type of animal opens a locked gate? A turKEY!

Ahahaha! What's the best side of the house to put the porch on?
The outside!

You have an imaginary world that you escape to when you're extremely bored, amirite?

Or you just don't wanna think about your own life so you go to another one

A lot of you here are going to be up at midnight on July 15th, amirite?

Harry Potter!!:)

Boys grow up liking trucks, fighting, non-girly colours, and don't care how they look. Girls grow up liking barbies, pink and purple, tea parties, and think boys are all stupid. Don't try to change this. "Gender-neutrality" in childhood is just bad in the sense that kids should just do what they desire. Men and women have different interests and roles. Please do not try to change this, amirite?
@Straight_Pride True, but do not encourage behaviours of the opposite sex. Too many people do that, and then the kids grow up all...

Children should do whatever they want. It doesn't matter what type of toys they play with. And if they want to grow up to be someone that their gender wasn't originally born to do, parents should encourage them to do whatever they chose and support them either way

You Hate It When You Ask A Teacher How To Spell Something And They Respond By Sounding It Out, amirite?

Hahah. It's fun reading conversations about something you were just going to comment on.

If you wake up and decide you're going to have a good day, generally, you'll have a good day, amirite?

And vise versa

ALWAYS read the synopsis before you go to the movie. If not, you might end up sitting there awkwardly while watching Piranha 3D with your dad for 2 hours and you can never unsee that, amirite?
@MR_ what happens in the movie? im curioussss

A bunch of people get eaten by man-eating piranhas. But aside from that, it's a stupid sexual movie where you see penises floating in water, and naked girls all over

It would be wicked cool to have a "It's a Wonderful Life" scenario, where you could see how people's lives would be different without you, amirite?

And how your life would be different without them

You always have an excuse for eating too much. "It's finals," "I'm on vacation," "I'm really stressed," etc. amirite?

I have a horrible disease that'll kill me if I keep eating like this so I'm overindulging today and starting my diet tomorrow

Draco Malfoy has daddy issues, amirite?

A Very Potter Musical explain them!

Weekends aren't as exciting during the summer, amirite?

Unless you have summer school

If you told the truth, you wouldn't have to remember everything you just said. amirite?

Not if you just have a really bad memory..

Life is depressing. :( amirite?

I'd say talk to someone you personally know about this rather than a website, but I agree nevertheless.

True friends won’t grow apart even when they don’t talk everyday. amirite?