If you think about it, Spanish is a pretty sexy language. For example: "Tengo hambre" means "I'm hungry," but translated back into english it basically means "I have hunger." That's pretty hot, amirite?

French is the same way. "J'ai faim." "I have hunger."

Girls: you sleep without a bra, amirite?

I don't understand how people can sleep with one on. I'd be way too uncomfortable.

If the happily ever after potion changes both you and your true love, then you have to wonder what dragon became while Donkey was a steed. amirite?

I think I read somewhere that the director said she became a pegasus.

There's at least one body part that you just find generally unattractive, amirite?
Glen Coco has one of the most memorable parts in Mean Girls even though his scene was like .5 seconds, amirite?

I feel like that's the one line EVERYONE remembers from Mean Girls.

You've seen perhaps 1 movie this year that wasn't a sequel, remake, or based off of previous material, amirite?
You can name at least 5 songs that would be better without Kanye West's "rapping" part, amirite?
@Mhmmm E.T.

Yes! That song was so much better before they stuck him in there for no reason. It's my favorite on that cd.

You know you aren't supposed to use your phone when it's charging, but you do anyways, amirite?

I've never heard that either.

The only good singer that came out of American Idol was Carrie Underwood, amirite?

Kelly Clarkson, David Cook, Adam Lambert

Bella Swan: "I had sex, got pregnant, and almost died." Coach Carr: "What did i say?" amirite?

This is awesome!

While there isn't exactly any good place to get a pimple on your face, some places are just plain cruel. amirite?
Girls: when you're shaving your legs, you keep the water running so that it's not awkwardly quiet, amirite?
Meme is pronounced meem, mot mey-mey, amirite?
Death Note Humor: What's faster than the speed of Light? Near. Near was faster than the speed of Light. amirite?
@Lkun I have never disliked a fictional character as much as I loathed Near.

I'm glad I'm not the only one. When L was still alive I didn't know who to side with, him or Light. But once Near showed up, I wanted Light to win.

Girls: Dangerously Straight, None of Your Frizzness, Drama Clean, Long Term Relationship, Tousle Me Softly, Body Envy, Hello Hydration, Totally Twisted, Hydralicious...you know what I'm talking about, amirite?

I use Totally Twisted.