There's really no reason to hate Justin Bieber, amirite?
@FrankOcean Did you know Hitler personally?

Justin Bieber isn't murdering thousands of people.

If feminism is supposed to be about equality, why is it named after just one gender? Amirite?

Because humanism was taken

While I acknowledge that some Twilight fans are obsessive and just sad, most people who claim to hate it never gave it a chance, and many probably haven't read the books OR seen the movie! Amirite?

While I agree with what you are saying, I just have to say that I have seen the movie, and read all four books, so I have full right to say that I think they are a piece of crap. I feel that in order to truly be able to hate something, you have to experience it, which is why I always get mad at the Twihards who hate Harry Potter and haven't even given it a chance. I don't hate the books because they are popular, because I read them before they were, and when they got popular, I gave it a second chance and finished the series. But I don't think you have to hate each other because of the books you like. I love Harry Potter, and my best friend loves Twilight, but we don't argue about it (anymore). Everyone who thinks they can't hang out with someone because of what they like are stupid.

You feel awkward when you ask someone for money they owe you, amirite?

I ask for my money in a really bad Italian accent, so they give me my money as soon as possible so they never have to hear it again. It isn't awkward and I get my money quickly :)

Your $50 cheap fabric shirt and $75 ripped jeans are not cooler then a $10 shirt and jeans, amirite?

I never understood ripped jeans. You pay 60, 70 bucks for stupid pants with a thousand tears in them. I mean, one straight tear after another all the way down each leg? Why not rip your own 10$ jeans and save yourself some money?

If you have a flat screen TV and a stereo system, odds are you've probably got a pretty decent computer that the robbers would in fact take as well, amirite?
@lax333 or you could just have magical laser beams all around your house that will shoot them with x ray vision

I thought the point was to keep them from stealing our stuff, not see them in their underwear

Uniforms > No uniforms (Uniforms save trouble and laundry) amirite?

(loveyoualattexx) a tank top or a skirt doesn't mean slutty. If my ass and boobs can stay in without me having to hold them in with my hands all the time, it's not slutty. And for my dress code, it's four inches above the knee for skirts, and three fingers for tank tops. I always make sure I have more, because I don't feel like getting stopped and measured. And besides, I live in Florida. Sometimes, it's too hot for jeans and tee shirts

You've got a rumbley in your stomach that only hands can satisfy. amirite?

Ok, someone tell me what this is from. My friend told me to watch it, but i can't remember the name!!!

I wish everyone thought the same in America as the people in the South do. Don;t take a dime if you haven't earned it, hardwork pays off and treat women like a princess. amirite?

What south do you live in? Cause it sure isn't the same as mine

You know we live in a twisted world when a man can marry his cat, but two men can't marry each other, amirite?

I am of the opinion that being gay is not a sin, or wrong. As long as you are not hurting anyone, then you should be allowed to do what you want. If that means a man marrying a man or a woman marrying a woman, then so be it. All a marriage needs is love, and if two people have that, then they should be allowed to be together. It isn't anyone's right to decide that they are wrong.

Why must Nickelodeon give every side character their own show? amirite?

(Anonymous) I remember watching Cory in the House once, and my brother came in, looked at the TV, and started making fun of me for watching Lizzie McGuire. I thought he lost it until I took a closer look at Stickler :)

While I acknowledge that some Twilight fans are obsessive and just sad, most people who claim to hate it never gave it a chance, and many probably haven't read the books OR seen the movie! Amirite?
@That's true. People can get uber obsessive about HP too, and just because you like one or the other shouldn't...

And yeah, I do get pretty obsessive about it too. I've always wished Hogwarts was real and looked for signs of magic, made my own magic wand and shouted spells. I honestly don't care if people think I'm strange, because I already know I am. My friend knows this as well, just as I know she loves to fantasize about Edward. We've accepted it about each other, and while we've stopped having serious arguments about one or the other, we can spend hours comparing the two, seeing which is better at _ or __. If people didn't take things so seriously, then they can have as much fun as we do every time we even begin the discussion.

When you're stuck with your dad at the mall or something, the single worst possible thing that could happen is a hot guy flirting with you, amirite?

I know, right? This happened today, I was with my dad at the mall, and a hot dude (SUPER hot, even worse, the guy I've had a crush on forever!) came up and was flirting while my dad was in the bathroom, and he started to ask me out, and RIGHT THEN, here comes my dad, glaring like a psycho and the dude stares at him, turns to me, and was like "Uhh, bye" and left. I was SOOO pissed at him afterwards!

If you love books, there is always this one particular series that you wish would never end because you love it soooo much. amirite?
@I just finished the Percy Jackson series and I was really upset that I finished it. I also thought The Hunger...

There are gonna be more about Camp Half-Blood, but I don't know if the characters are the same or not. But a new one just came out :)

You've at least once counted back nine months from your birthday to figure out when you were conceived, amirite?

Well don't I feel intelligent. I replied to the wrong comment (facepalm)