There's always that one person that everyone confides in and helps everyone deal with their problems. But you have to wonder, who do they go to, amirite?

That's me. I go to my mom

If peanut butter and jelly go so well together, then why don't we dip our strawberries or grapes in peanut butter, amirite?
If you have a flat screen TV and a stereo system, odds are you've probably got a pretty decent computer that the robbers would in fact take as well, amirite?
@lax333 or you could just have magical laser beams all around your house that will shoot them with x ray vision

I thought the point was to keep them from stealing our stuff, not see them in their underwear

You are very picky when it comes to receiving a textbook at the beginning of the year. You want a decent one thats in pretty good condition, but then you don't want a new one because you know it will look awful by the end of the year, amirite?

I don't have a choice. :(. We get a paper bag of books already checked out for us.

There's always that one character that doesn't have a name in a TV show, amirite?
There's always that one girl in your class who wastes time asking stupid questions, and even the teacher looks like he wants to punch her in the face, amirite?
@Katffro And/or they argue with the teacher on facts. This kid I hate tried proving the teacher wrong, and my teacher looked...

Yeah, but sometimes that isn't a bad thing. Like with my history teacher. This one time, we were talking about Freud. Apparently, Freud grew up Christian, Jewish, and Atheist all at the same time. We constantly have to argue with him to get right answers.

There's always that one character that doesn't have a name in a TV show, amirite?

I doubt I'm known, I only made one super awesome post when i still had my old username. But hey, you never know! Anyone know who I am? O.o

Three dogs is too many for a family of 4, amirite?

3 dogs and 3 cats. I have a family of 3. Not too many at all :)

Probably the only thing more annoying than a too-strict teacher, is a teacher who can't control a class, amirite?

I had one sub who "controlled" us by calling security every time we moved and claiming we threatened here. No joke.

When you were a kid it was depressing when you out grew your favorite shirt and had to get rid of it, amirite?

My very first Harry Potter shirt :'(

Homosexuals are people too. My teacher was discussing homosexuals and then when she referred to straight, she called them normal people. Gay people are normal people too. amirite?
J. K. Rowling unnecessarily killed off a bunch of awesome characters in the last Harry Potter book, amirite?

She was writing realistically. Sometimes, in a war, the people who deserve it the least get the worst.

Sometimes you wonder whether not Aaron Carter got the Candy he wanted, amirite?
@Sex_With_A_Snail Whatever happened to him?

Last I heard he got arrested for having pot

Yes, kids and teens SHOULD respect adults, but adults should also respect kids and teens, amirite?
@SEXY_BEAST Respect is earned. I don't respect adults whom I've just met, and I wouldn't expect them to respect me without reason.

So you don't care if after sot respecting them, that person walks away thinking you're rude? Or jeez, what did I do to that kid? I was only making conversation.

I always respect everyone I meet, and the only time I don't is when they have proved that they don't deserve it.