If abortion is murder then blow jobs are cannibalism, amirite?

I think your doing it wrong, the penis is still supposed to be there after the blow job.

It would suck if one of your friends died because they were reading a stupid text message ("what u doing") that you sent and got in a car crash. amirite?

"what u doing"
"dying :("

You've been drunk before, amirite?
@rival really almost everyone has at least once

I said no because I was so drunk I couldn't read the question

It's weird how butterflies are a symbol of beauty when they're so gross-looking close up, amirite?

Just like human females.

You hate the way condoms feel, amirite?

I hate the way babies feel.

you'd like to see a picture of the fattest cat in the world, amirite?
Girls: If your boyfriend ever asks you to do anal, tell them "Wait! I need to poop!" If they still wanna do anal... you're screwed. amirite?
Childhood games teach mediocrity. Simon Says teaches us to blindly follow directions; Duck Duck Goose lets us know that life is a popularity contest; Hide and Seek says that being quiet is the only way to survive; Tag provides this insight: one minute you are “it” and the next you are irrelevant; Dodgeball shows us how to take advantage of people weaker than us because our self-esteem will go up when we deflate others. Kids today deserve a new set of learnings and new rules for life. Ami...
@TheBlindMan You don't even want to know what four square taught kids...

Keep your balls in other peoples space, if they don't throw em back, you win.

At some time, you've wondered how people would react if you brought back a TI-84 Graphing Calculator to the 1960's, amirite?

The coolest thing you could think of that we've made since the 1960's .... is a calculator

You have to wonder hoe it seemed logical to put W and E next to each other. Amirite?

I'd vote this up, but I don't appreciate being called a hoe.

Men get frustrated because they don't understand how women think. Women get frustrated because they understand how men think.

I think we're all just sexually frustrated

Amirite is NOT poop. It is a website.

If the Amirite Guy and SpongeBob had a child, it would probably look like this, amirite?

I always thought it would look more like this Image in content

This picture is not worth a thousand words.
You don't know what do you when the waiter comes to the table with your food when your mouth is full. I mean, you want to thank them, but then you'd be talking with your mouth full. amirite?

That's why instead of saying thank you, I thank them by standing up briefly, and stroking their face.

It shows how thankful I am for their service.