It would suck if one of your friends died because they were reading a stupid text message ("what u doing") that you sent and got in a car crash. amirite?

"what u doing"
"dying :("

If abortion is murder then blow jobs are cannibalism, amirite?

I think your doing it wrong, the penis is still supposed to be there after the blow job.

Girls: If your boyfriend ever asks you to do anal, tell them "Wait! I need to poop!" If they still wanna do anal... you're screwed. amirite?
Unrequited love: can't sleep with her, can't sleep without her, amirite?

So I just make her sleep on the floor next to my bed.

Wait, we are talking about our dogs here, right?

You've been drunk before, amirite?
@rival really almost everyone has at least once

I said no because I was so drunk I couldn't read the question

Girls: when washing your body with soap in the shower you have to be EXTRA careful when washing near your lady parts because it stings like none other if soap gets in, amirite?

It doesnt sting at all for me

You hate the way condoms feel, amirite?

I hate the way babies feel.

It would be fun if there was a website dedicated to making posts of things people would never say. Such as "that cheerleading uniform makes you look very intelligent," and "your crocs are really turning me on."
Girls: At least once in your life, your bra strap has accidentally shown and when someone questioned it, you passed it off as a tank top strap. amirite?

Yeah, it's not really a secret that girls have boobs anymore. Some asshole spilled the beans.

When you think about it, if the government wanted to, they could completely keep unhealthy foods off the market or make it to where there wasn't very much of it. Although it sounds kind of unreasonable and extreme, it would be really cool to see the health affects it had on everyone. Amirite?

No one would put up with that shit for a second.

Your dick is bigger than three inches, amirite?

I'm a female.

It's sad how it's gone from "I'm going to" to "I'm gonna" to "Imma", amirite?
You have to wonder hoe it seemed logical to put W and E next to each other. Amirite?

I'd vote this up, but I don't appreciate being called a hoe.

This picture is not worth a thousand words.
The Harry Potter series would have been entirely different if Harry hadn't met the Weasley's at Kings Cross Station his first year, amirite?

This is why every time I see a ginger at a train station I always go out of my way to say hello.