It would be good if for just one day the sky was red, the grass was blue and the sea wasn't used as a rubbish dump.

Two days of a non-rubbish dump sea would be better

You can waste your life drawing lines, or you can live your life crossing them.

Or, you can draw some lines and cross some lines... then everybody's happy!

Marxism: Good in theory, terrible in practice.
@Watchful_questioneer I don't think it's good in theory either. Not everyone deserves equal pay fir different amounts of work. People...

Agreed. There's nothing "good" about holding down all of society so that everyone can be the same.

Romney sucks, amirite?

Yes, and yet I'm still voting for him

While it's indisputable that Michael Phelps is a great athlete, he's not necessarily the greatest Olympian of all time. He might have more medals, but there are far more medals available in swimming than there are in other sports. In tennis, for example there are only two possible medals, so if a tennis player won both, would he still be inferior to Phelps? No, amirite?

Well, no, just winning two out of two possible medals doesn't put an athlete on par with Phelps. Just because one athlete wins 100% of the possible medals in his/her sport and the other wins 30% (just a guess) doesn't mean the first one is automatically as good or better. If the tennis player won both over multiple Olympic games (like Phelps), maybe the argument could be made.

Secondly, I think we should also consider how demanding it is for a swimmer to qualify for the final in each event and give maximum effort to win eight races like Phelps did in '08. Yes, tennis players also have to get through several rounds to reach the finals, but they don't have to also play a gold medal match every night.

Basically, I'd say you're right that tennis players don't get a chance to win tons of events, but that doesn't mean you can disregard the multiple events swimmers are allowed to do. And for the record, I'm not totally convinced Phelps is the best Olympian of all time, I just don't think this is the best argument against that notion.

It sucks when you have the perfect sandwich but you can't fit it in your mouth, amirite?

I guess it's not the perfect sandwich then

It doesn't matter how many resources you have, if you dont know how to use them they will never be enough. Amirite?

Kind of like how you don't know how to use punctuation.

By giving us the tool to deny Him (critical thinking) and neglecting to give us the key to accept Him (strong evidence), God forces us to rely on faith rather than the natural tendencies He gave us. Why make salvation more difficult for your creation, amirite?
Charizard was the most badass of the original three poke'mon starters, amirite?

Bulbasaur til I die

Sodium Sodium Sodium Sodium Sodium Sodium Sodium Sodium Sodium Sodium BATMAMN! amirite?


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If life begins at conception, then Americans should be able to legally drink at 20 years and 3 months, amirite?
@Human gestation is actually 40 weeks give or take for normal variance. But it is generally 40 weeks. It's closer to...

No, it's not closer to 10 months. 40 weeks = 280 days, which is 76.7% of a year, which is barely over 9 months.

Its better to be a human doing than a human being, amirite?

Obviously it depends on what you're doing.

"Regular" marriage & "Gay" marriage are like bikini tops & bras. Exactly the same thing, yet only one is allowed in public. amirite?
@Cuban_B I know, but like I said all marriages are different. Why focus on gender but not race? Disagree with it all you...

Marriage is focused on gender and not race because it's an institution that historically has had procreation (which is limited to a male and female) as its central purpose. Race doesn't fit in anywhere in the definition or purpose of marriage.

Also, I'm not arguing that gay marriage is bad; I'm simply arguing that there's a fundamental difference between it and traditional marriage, namely, the genders of the parties involved in each marriage.

"Regular" marriage & "Gay" marriage are like bikini tops & bras. Exactly the same thing, yet only one is allowed in public. amirite?
@Cuban_B They are basically the same actually, I've used them interchangeably. And no two marriages are alike. Some are...

"Basically the same" implies they have differences. Second, "variables" are precisely what make things different from each other. An SUV is different from a Smart Car because of variables like size and engine, although they're both automobiles. In theory, gay and traditional marriage are the same in that they are a union of two people, but the two most essential components of their definitions (man-woman and man-man/woman-woman) are starkly opposed. Hence, they're different.

"Regular" marriage & "Gay" marriage are like bikini tops & bras. Exactly the same thing, yet only one is allowed in public. amirite?

I'm not sure a bikini top is the same as a bra. And gay marriage and regular marriage are clearly not the same thing; one has a man and a woman, and the other has two of the same sex. So this post's wrong on at least two levels. But leave it to amirite to overwhelmingly endorse a post that in any way promotes gay marriage.