What is difficult for you now, that was easy as a child?

Just about anything physical.

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Happy Birthday, Starz!!

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You can listen to people all day, but in the end you have to make the decision. With or without their approval.

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Eight assholes got the boot from this site two weeks ago. They tried putting up fake reviews on another site and took a beating there. NOW, they have invaded like the locusts they are, another opinion site. Only problem is, is that they are so damn boring and predictable. Won’t be long before they get their ass tossed off that one too.

Here is a glance at their lovely personalities that they were all too willing to submit for us.

Tiberius: “Hi, I am 54 years old and my mother still makes my bed. I hope that when they take me off the Thorazine, I can stop drooling. My main goal in life is to try to convince everyone that I exist outside of the troubled mind of Remy.

Remy: “Hi. I too am 54 years old. What a coincidence. I made up Tiberius above so I could have a boyfriend. I made up other identities as well, so I could have some friends. In all, I have about 52 identities out there on the internet. The doctors tell me that I should be released real soon if I get those numbers down.

TQ: “Hi I am Transquesta, and I am here to stop the fighting! (Yeah right). My main goal in life is to kiss up to anyone I can, so I can backstab them later. (Hey somebody’s got to have that goal). I am so ‘weally’ important now since I became an errand boy for Tiberius. I give him ‘weally, weally’ important documents so he will pat me on my ‘weally, weally’ small head. My favorite non fiction hero is James Bond, and my favorite fictional hero is JFK. As you can tell, I am really messed up.

Happy Birthday JanHaskell, one of the nicest ladies on Amirite. Let's show her how much we respect and love her.

Happy Birthday Jan!! I hope you have a fabulous year!

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Would you rather win free groceries for the rest of your life or win free gas for the rest of your life?

Groceries. I can always ride my bike, walk, or take the bus/train.

Are you alive?

Some days more than others.

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Do you have any expectations of Amiriters for 2017? Why yes...I expect stories... While Yes and No answers are fine...adding a Story makes your Comment interesting...and tells us a little about you - the person we'd like to get to know better...

I expect the usual, members being run off.


Sorry Will, but I just had to post this. :) This was so damn cute.

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Another shooting at a school. Will there ever be a way to protect the children?

Not unless this country is prepared to deal with the existing and non existing gun laws.

Where is the most beautiful place you’ve ever gone for a walk?

On the beaches in Alaska.

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So sorry to hear. He and Gracie made quite the pair.

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RIP Paul


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@_Sid_ dont have a pet.

Just as well. They can break your heart.

What was the hardest Christmas present you had to wrap? Mine was a tent....yikes!!!!

A puppy!

He was hidden in the one of the downstairs bathrooms, and presented with a red ribbon tied in a bow around his neck.

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